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Inukshuks on Canadian Identity

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Grade 9 students of Canada dans le monde contemporain toured a gallery of their own making recently, reflecting on Canadian identity.  Sciences humaines scholars were challenged to create inukshuks in a format of their choosing, composed of "stones" symbolizing six different elements:  a favourite or typical place in Canada; an historical figure; a typical characteristic of Canadians (or one we could aspire to acquire); a living role-model; an injustice not to be repeated; a glorious moment in our history.  Students produced free standing inukshuks from recycled materials, virtual ones (using Powerpoint), hanging mobiles, books, manipulable pieces and traditional posters.  The Gallery Walk afforded an opportunity to offer suggestions or compliments and to record newly acquired facts on others' choices.  The project was one of Canada dans le monde contemporain's curriculum outcomes: to explore pluralism in Canadian society and what it means to be a citizen of Canada and of the world.


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