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Students of Canada Dans le Monde Contemporain

Students of Canada dans le monde contemporain recently visited the Manitoba Legislature and met with MLA Wab Kinew as part of their studies on citizenship and democracy in Canadian society.  The grade 9 Immersion française students were led by Teacher candidate for the 2017-18 school year, Deanna Smith and also met Kelvin Immersion alumni Cléo Syverson (guide) and Kimvy Nguyen (Legislative Assembly research Intern).  Kelvin scholars learned about the economic boom in Manitoba at the time of the Legislature's construction (and its accompanying corruption), and about the importance of activism and informed consent in the maintenance of the healthy democracy.  About half the students travelled to and from the "Ledge" by bicycle, with the other half taking public transit or walking.  All in all, a sunny way and pleasant day of learning about democracy in action.


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