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Standing With Mother Earth

Kelvin students recently took part in an initiative of the Winnipeg School Division's Sustainable Development Education branch:  a learning series entitled "Standing With Mother Earth".  Over 100 high school students have embarked on this learning series, in which Indigenous Elders and local activists share their insights and teachings around the four elements:  Earth (land), Wind (air), Fire (energy) and Water.  Kelvin students from grades 10 through 12,  representing HASTA (Hopeful, Aware Students Taking Action, the school's human rights collective), EAC (Environmental Action Committee) and Spectrum (Gay-Straight Alliance), particpated in the event.  Tipis were set up in Whittier Park, adjacent to Fort Gibraltar, and students, accompanied by Mr. Young & Mr. Sokalski, journeyed from one to another, listening first to Elders' wisdom on the given element, and then stepped into the next tipi to find out about what local environmental activists are doing to address the challenges to our resources posed by modern-day living .  Half of Kelvin's contingent travelled by bike to the venue, a fact praised by event organizers.  Participants have been asked to reflect on what was learned and to return to the Circle of Wisdom in the springtime to share what actions they undertook to bring meaning to the teachings.  For more information on the Standing With Mother Earth learning series, contact


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