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G4 2015 November


Go, Clippers, Go!

The Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and Technology of Competitive Sport

How does a figure skater execute that triple Axel? What forces of physics are at play? What does the physiology of the sport look like? Computerized biomechanics? How about related health and medical concerns, and the causes and treatment of sports-related injuries? The judging? (Well, perhaps not that.)

The inquiring minds of Ms. Davidson's Grade 12 IB physicists and Ms. Labun's Grade 11 IB chemists, Ms. Temesvari’s Grade 12 biologists, and Mr. Mariano’s Grade 12 IB programmers and accepted the challenge to delve into the realm of this fall's G4 Science Symposium topic, "The Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and Technology of Competitive Sport."

With the help of Teacher-Librarian Mrs. Osborne, teams composed of students from each of the two classes researched and prepared projects investigating the chemistry and physics of a particular environmentally sustainable topic. 

The students defended their ideas to their peers, teachers, and visiting classes. As the photos below prove, the event was an exciting learning experience for all. 

We look forward to more scientific innovation next year!


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