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The Process

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Getting There... The Making of the Video


  • As a class, we researched - went down really deep and researched the life and times of Laura Secord.
  • We studied the entire Loyalist period.
  • We read the novel 1812 by John Ibbitson.
  • We did group projects on professions, foods, medicines and so forth, to learn more about the times.
  • We had Freeze Frame come to teach us video camera techniques. We learned the basics of film making. We learned about storyboarding, panning, tracking, close-ups and other camera techniques.
  • We practiced shooting scenes.
  • In Literature circles, we read novels of the period such as Laura's Choice, The Hollow Tree and the Belonging Place.
  • We worked out a storyline with Jamie Oliviero and scripted the video by acting out the scenes.
  • We made the shakos and mob caps. We learned about the other costumes and made them with the help of parents. We made, painted and bolted the muskets and tomahawks.
  • We created models of buildings, roads and weaponry to prepare us for the battles of Queenston Heights and Beaver Dams.
  • We rehearsed and learned our lines
  • We shot the film in eight hours.
  • Our teacher edited for nine hours.
  • We had a "World Premiere" with our parents on an exciting Wednesday evening.
  • We created this website which includes still photos and accompanying script taken during the video shoot.
Produced by children in Room 304, Alternative 4/5
Laura Secord School, Year 2000
Classroom Teacher: Roberta Frohlich
Website Creation: Jean-Michel Molin

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