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Assembly News From Room 23:

In October, the students learned about the teaching of
humility. Humility is thought to be the essential
ingredient for learning with all of our senses. We can
only listen and pay true attention to something when
we let go of our preconceptions. We cannot feel any
arrogance over nature and its creatures. We cannot
assume we already know the answers or that we are
better or higher than another. Humility is not about
humiliation. Humility, as we are defining it, is a
freedom from pride and arrogance that recognizes
equity and equality. The virtue of humility teaches
that no one is more important than the other, we are
all equal.
Empathy is taught hand-in-hand with humility.
When we understand that we are all important, it
becomes important to be able to sense how others
feel and to understand their situations and respond to
them with compassion.

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