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Conflict Managers

Lord Roberts School Conflict Managers are students who patrol the school grounds in pairs and act as mediators for disputes that happen between two students. The two students in a dispute have a choice as to whether or not they want the assistance of the conflict managers. Once both students have accepted the help, they are expected to work hard to solve the problem.

Conflict managers do not get involved in any disputes that are physical in nature. If a verbal dispute proves difficult, they are to end the process and inform an adult on duty. The philosophy of the program is that students are responsible people that can solve problems, given some guidance and skill building. The Conflict Manager’s job is not to solve problems for other students but to facilitate their peers’ positive choices to solve problems for themselves.

Students from grade 5 have participated in instruction on communication skills and conflict resolution. The conflict managers will be on duty with a partner during the morning and afternoon recess each day and also from 12:30 – 1:00 pm. Students wanting assistance may approach the conflict managers and ask them, and the conflict managers will also be seeking out students to assist. The students can tell which students are conflict managers as they will be wearing yellow, or green vests during their duty.

Here are nine reasons for being a conflict manager, as expressed by some of Lord Roberts School’s previous conflict managers:

It’s very, very, very, VERY, fun!
All the adults are very, very nice.
You feel good when you help solve a problem.
You feel important while you are on duty.
You get to know the other kids in school.
The other conflict managers are nice.
You are the role model for others, so they can see it’s wrong to fight.
You receive folders where you can keep your things.
You can see what it is like to be a teacher.

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