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Library Computer Program

The library and computer lab are situated in the heart of the school and are central to the support of student learning. The library technician is responsible for the daily operations of the library, and the computer lab.

Looking at books together is the mainstay of the library program. Regular book exchanges (once a cycle) allow the LTA to observe individual needs and interests. From these obstervations, as well as consultations with classroom teachers, the LTA searches for and shares supportive literature, audio-visual materials and activities. Story times, educational videos, special purchases and loans are used to build presentations that enhance classroom themes, literacy appreciation, and a sense of what there is to learn. During the early years, students are encouraged to find interest, meaning and enjoyment in the picture book section by listening to, and reading stories. An awareness of authors and illustrators is cultivated. As they get older, students are introduced to and encouraged to explore, the various subject areas of the library. Reading for information becomes a new thrust, and students have varied opportunities to practice the research process. The classroom teacher and the library technical assistant work cooperatively to plan meaningful library activities that help children learn to use various materials in the library for both research and recreation.

One of the school goals this year is to focus on teaching students to become literate with and to apply ICT skills as part of their learning process.

Literacy with Information and Communication Technology (LWICT) means choosing and using ICT responsibly and ethically, to support critical and creative thinking about information and about communication as citizens of the global community.

Students can develop this literacy through a process of inquiry made up of: planning and questioning, gathering and make sense, producing to show understanding, communicating, and reflecting on their learning. ICT is not a separate subject and the continuum of Literacy with ICT is designed to be congruent and integrated with existing big ideas in core curricular areas. Infusion of technology occurs in all subject areas and grade levels. There is a network of computers throughout the school. Each classroom has one or more computers in the room, access to a group of computers in the library and blocks of time in the computer lab. Internet safety is taught and students’ use of computers is supervised at all times. The school has a website that can showcase student projects as well as provide information about the school.​

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