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Lord Selkirk School Code of Conduct


At Lord Selkirk Elementary School, we believe that every member of our school community has the right to: Respect, Trust, Safety and Understanding.
To this end, a discipline policy was collaboratively developed by parents, staff, and students.  It reflects our beliefs and outlines, expected behaviours, and consequences. In keeping with the policies of the Manitoba Department of Education and of the Winnipeg School Division, our school discipline policy has been written to meet the needs of our school community. We strive for a positive learning environment to enable all people to reach full potential and become self disciplined, happy, and productive members in our ever-changing world.
It is the responsibility of the students and staff to welcome new students and help them become a part of our school.
Co-operation and friendliness in our school is built upon respect for self and others, including mannerly behaviour.  All members of the school are required to maintain socially acceptable levels of courtesy and behaviour.
Every individual that enters Lord Selkirk Elementary is expected to contribute to a peaceful atmosphere. Bullying and hurt feelings are not acceptable.
Specifically: There will be absolutely no bullying, fighting, hitting, tripping, pushing, poking, spitting, name calling or other means of ridicule or intimidation. Clothing that shares disrespect or disrespectful language, gang affiliation will not be tolerated.
A level of socially acceptable language will be maintained in the school as learning to get along with others in society in a mature manner is a part of  education. 
Specifically: Abusive/foul language or talking back rudely will not be tolerated by staff, volunteers, or other students at Lord Selkirk.  Swearing at a teacher or person in authority will result in immediate suspension. 
Student Rights and responsibilities are demonstrated when they: 
· come to school on time, ready to learn
· show respect for themself, others and those in authority.
· follow school rules and classroom respect agreements
· show respect for property
· take responsibility for actions
· refrain from bringing items to school that compromise safety   
Parents are requested to assist by:  
· showing ongoing interest in work & progress
· helping children to be prepared, on time and being at school everyday
· reporting absences to the school
· regular communications with the school
· reporting of concerns to Teacher or Principal
The school is home to us all for a minimum of 5 1/2 hours a day.  We work hard to keep it clean and in good condition to provide an atmosphere that is both pleasant and healthy. Respect for our building is respect for all who work, study, and visit the school.  We take pride in our school. 
Specifically: Students will not litter, cause willful damage, or deface school property.  
We are here to develop the intellectual and physical growth of all students.  It is necessary for both the student and the teacher to do their part in this growth process. We request that students work hard, so that their time in school is productive.
Snowball fights and play fighting can be fun, but may lead to injury.  For the safety and welfare of all students there will be no snowball throwing, nor the throwing of rocks, play fighting, kicking or karate type games. 
In order to prevent accidents, skateboards, roller blades, wheelies or scooters are not normally permitted on the school grounds.
We request that students play safely on the playground equipment and show respect for others.
As part of the education process, discipline is intended to help children become competent, responsible, and well-organized individuals who practice behaviours which are necessary for productive and positive interactions with others in the school  community, and ultimately, in society at large.  
Our belief is that discipline is a process which shows children the inappropriateness of their behaviour, gives them ownership of the problem and ways to solve it, while leaving their dignity intact. The focus is on supporting children as they learn to behave in appropriate and socially acceptable ways.  Discipline uses logical and realistic consequences which enable children to learn they have positive power in their lives.
Range of Consequences
Lord Selkirk School staff work hard to provide proactive measures to maintain consistent standards of behaviour school wide. We are a PBIS school (Positive Behavioural Interventions and Supports) The PBIS team works to support interventions based on data driven conversations together with our WSD Student Service Consultant. Teachers at Lord Selkirk Elementary work with “Family Groupings,”  “Circles” and “Restorative Practice” to  further connect our young people and develop community.
All staff members are responsible for the behaviour and well being. When a child does not meet behaviour expectations, the following procedures are undertaken, keeping in mind that depending on the severity of the incident may result in immediate suspension.
· Teacher reminder to clarify expectation
· Teacher/student conference
· Phone call home
· Loss of privileges
· Classroom time-out
· Partner classroom time-out
· Parent/School meeting
· In-School suspension
· Out of school suspension
(For 1 to 5 days, parent/guardian must accompany child to office upon return.
Immediate suspensions occur for: physical assault, weapons (possession, threat, or attack), verbal assault (swearing, threats), substance use/abuse, property damage, misconduct and inappropriate use of the Internet.
· Behaviour Plans, further referrals for support.
· Outside Agency involvement. 
Consequences include the expectation and opportunity for students to apologize, and restore relations. 







 To give a deeper understanding of the impact of bullying, you can read the following pamphlet "Bullying Hurts". bullying_hurts.pdfbullying_hurts.pdf





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