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Sustainable Development News


Be Aware


The first step towards making any change is awareness. If we are not aware that we are doing something, like creating garbage, we will not notice that change is needed. Next time you eat at a fast-food place, start noticing soon-to-become garbage around you. The meal may last 30 minutes but think about how long the remnants of that meal will last. There are thousands of fast-food eateries in thousands of cities and thousands of people creating garbage in all corners of this continent every day. The lifespan of disposable containers is long, from gathering raw material, to manufacturing, to transporting to the distributor, then to businesses who use the containers. The actual time that the containers serve their intended use usually is a tiny fraction of their total lifespan. We eat the food, and then we toss the container. Even though we say we throw it away, it does not go away. In many cases it stays with us for a long, long time. According to statistics, every schoolchild creates an average of 30kg of garbage per year. That’s a lot of garbage every day that can easily be avoided by using reusable lunch bags and containers. We hope you can help.

Community Clean-Up

Please help us to help keep our sidewalks, our parks and our school yard clean. 

It is not nice to see garbage or cigarette butts on the ground

Please do not litter.  Use the garbage and help us to keep our earth clean. Thank you.


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