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Running Club



​We would like to extend an invitation to all grade 4, 5 & 6 students who are interested in running for any or all of the following reasons; to have fun, to be fit, or to be fast and compete.

This year students who join the run club can sign up for the fun and fit component or the fun, fit and fast component.  If your child wants to come out and run with friends for fun and to be fit, but is not interested in making the divisional required times to attend the fit run then they would check the fun and fit box (see permission slip attached).  If your child wants to have fun, be fit, and compete to meet the times to attend the fit run then they would check the fun, fit, & fast box

The run is a distance of 2km.   For  those interested in the fun, fit, & fast component, they will need to qualify, thus making the distance within a specified time established by the school division.  The expectations are:

 Grade 4 - 14:00 minutes

 Grade 5 - 13:00 minutes

 Grade 6 - 12:00 minutes. 

( If the minimum time in the trial runs is not met several times by the last week of practice, unfortunately, the runner will not be able to enter the competitive fit run but can join us for our final “fun” run at school)

It is important that students come to every practice on time.  If a student will be away, he/she needs to inform one of the coaches.  If more than two unexcused practices are missed, the runner may need to be removed from the team.  Attendance will be taken at each practice after some warm up exercises and stretching, and the children will be supervised as they run around the block on the sidewalk.

Scheduled practices will be held at 12:00 p.m. on Mondays and Wednesdays starting Monday, May 2nd.  The children will eat their lunches after they run but may choose to have a quick snack such as a fruit to go just before they run.  Please note that a slight drizzle will not postpone the scheduled practices. Runners may wish to participate in some “unscheduled practices” during the week and are encouraged to run once over the weekend.  2.5 times around the outside of the school ground is the distance we practice running, which is slightly longer than the 2Km race.  Running a longer distance is typical when training for a short running event.  We do take the time requirements into consideration and give a 2 minute window to compensate for the extra distance we have the students run.

Runners who suffer from asthma should bring their puffers (medication) to be used as needed.


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