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Section Three: Extracurricular Activities


Divided up into grade groups, the students in grades one to six can participate in different activities during the lunch hour.  The physical education teachers and the grade six leaders organize intramurals. Once a cycle, on physical education days a different grade level will play low organized games in the gym.  All students are welcome, and once they have signed up it is expected that they participate until the end of that activity.   The dates of extra curricular activities are posted on the monthly calendar.

Inter School Athletics

Montrose Soccer is for boys and girls in grades 5 and 6.  Students will be asked to identify their interest in participating during physical education classes in September of each year.  Players will be involved in about six to 10 practices before competing in The Winnipeg School Division tournament which is traditionally held during the first week of October.

Running Club / WSD Fit Run Race
A Running Club will be formed in the spring of each year for students in grades four, five and six.  Students will be asked to identify their interest in participating during physical education classes in April of each year.  Practice schedules and qualifying times will be shared with the students. The Running Club will hold a Montrose Fun Run for all its members prior to The Winnipeg School Division’s Fit Run.

Students who wish to participate in The Winnipeg School Division’s Fit Run race will be required to run the 2.0 kilometre course within the qualifying time for their grade.  The qualifying time is determined by the Winnipeg School Division’s physical education staff and is necessary for the safety of all participants and the organization of the event.  The Fit Run race is held at the Assiniboine Park in the early part of June.  

Speed Skating 
Speed Skating is an activity for students in grades four to six.  This is a competitive event with room for skaters of all abilities but it is not a “learn-to-skate program.”  Interested students must be able to stand confidently on their skates and propel themselves around the rink without the aid of the boards.  Parents are asked to their children understand what is required to participate in this event.  Students will be asked to indicate their interest in participating in Speed Skating during January’s Physical Education classes.  The Winnipeg School Division’s Annual Speed Skating races are held at the MTS Centre during the month of February.  Skaters must commit to attending four practices at River Heights Arena.  All skaters must wear a helmet and leather or hockey gloves. For safety reasons and organizational efficiencies The Winnipeg School Division can limit the number of participants by requiring students to meet qualifying times. 

Speed skating permission slip.pdfSpeed skating permission slip.pdf

Typically we have over 50 -60 grade five and six students interested in playing volleyball; the enthusiasm is great!  We send five teams to two different tournaments in late November or early in December.  The competitive tournament usually means that the students feel more pressure about their performance, while the non-competitive event is a more relaxed, fun-filled tournament where students can continue to develop their playing skills under less pressure.  All of the teams at both tournaments will be balanced.  Both tournaments will provide the students a chance to play games at a level that is consistent with their skill development.  Students are expected to attend 6 to 10 practices during the month of October. 

We do not have a “try out” for the competitive teams; it is simply too much pressure for this age group.  Students will be asked to participate in a tournament that is a match with their current skill development.  Coaches and physical education teachers will create the teams based upon observations from early practices and gym classes.

The Fair Play Code will guide our coaches, which means that all students will be rotated onto the court during each game.  The objectives of our practices and participation in tournaments are to have fun, to develop a sense of team, and to develop personal/team skills related to volleyball.

Student Leadership​

Grade 6 School Secretaries
Grade 6 students are invited to apply for the position of student secretary. Students are trained on answering the phone, taking messages and helping out with various office duties during the lunch break. Student secretaries are scheduled on a rotating basis during the six day school cycle throughout the school year. 

Safety Patrol
  • Grade 4 or 5 students who have not previously been patrols are invited to sign up for the program.
  • Students meet with the patrol supervisor to discuss the rules and expectations.
  • Students are paired with a buddy (experienced patrol) and train one on one for a period of 3 weeks.
  • After 3 weeks the students then patrol independently for one week and are observed by their trainer and the patrol supervisor during that time.
  • Students are evaluated by the trainer and patrol supervisor and a decision is made as to whether or not they are ready to take on the responsibility.
  • Patrols are provided with vests, flags and rain coats but must ensure they dress appropriately for the weather.  (See cold weather guidelines)
  • An adult crossing guard assists the patrols before and after school.
  • Patrol schedule and location include:
  • 8:40-8:55  Grant Ave crosswalk/Grant & Elm north side/ Fleet & Elm
  • 3:30-3:40 Grant Ave crosswalk/Grant & Elm north side/ Fleet & Elm
  • The need for noon hour patrols is reviewed and determined at the beginning of each school year.


Sports Leaders
During the month of September, students in grade five and six will be asked to indicate their interest in becoming a student sport leader.  Sports leaders will be trained to run low-organized games during the grad one and two noon hour intra murals program. 

Field Day

Primary Field Day
Kindergarten to grade four students participate in fun-filled cooperative games and individual activities during the Primary Field Day.  Teams of eight to 12 students of mixed ages / grades are lead by grade five / six leaders through a variety of physical activities designed to encourage active living and celebrate developing locomotion skills.  The field day takes place during the month of June.  Nursery students will play one or two games in parallel during the Field Day. 

Intermediate Field Day​
The grade five and six students participate in a variety of individual, basic locomotion activities during the intermediate field day.  Cooperative games are played by each team as well, and the water activities provide welcome relief from the heat of the day.  Teams of eight to 10 students are created and the games begin.  These non-competitive activities are run by the staff and parent volunteers.  Intermediate field day is held during the month of June.


Chess Club
The Montrose Chess Club is open to all students in grades one to six.  Students are asked to declare themselves as Beginner or Advanced regardless of grade level.

Advanced players play on regular basis outside of school.  These players can identify the all of the pieces and know the movement of each piece.  Advanced players approach the game with confidence, have developed some basic strategies and can make their moves within a reasonable period of time. 

Beginning players have played on occasion with a more advanced player as a guide.  Beginning players often need assistance with the movement of pieces and or setting the board up to begin play.  Many beginning players have never played the game.


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