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Section Five: Parent Resources

Monthly School and Classroom Newsletters​

Our school newsletter is published on the first day of each month.  It is emailed directly to parents or sent home with the oldest member of the family and posted on the school’s web site.  It contains the most recent news and updates to the calendar so please read it regularly.  The September newsletter serves as a reminder to our families about established policies, school routines and Montrose traditions.  Our sustainability plans include sending an electronic copy of the newsletter to every family.  Over the next year we hope to minimize the publishing of hard copies of the newsletter.  Families are asked to provide the school with a current email address to make our contact efficient and convenient.  It is hoped that the monthly newsletters and the web site will provide families will all of the information needed to keep abreast of school activities.  If families need more information please do not hesitate to stop by and ask.

Classroom newsletters will accompany the school newsletter each month.  To view the current newsletters follow this link​ and select your child's classroom.

Parent Communication

We pride ourselves on having excellent communication with our families.  Our multi-age program promotes close contact with families.  Parents are welcome to contact the school at any time about any concern.  It is rare that queries go unresolved with the classroom teacher or school administration however a school division protocol does exist to provide parents with many avenues to resolve their issues.

School division protocol directs parents to contact the child’s teacher first and if any concerns still exist then to contact the school’s administration.  If the concern is still unresolved the parent can contact the district superintendent.  If that step does not work then the parent can contact the chief superintendent.

Parent / teacher / student conferences are scheduled for November and April of every school year.  Parents are encouraged to contact their child’s teacher at any time a concern exists and not wait until the next scheduled meeting.  Parents of students in grade one to six will also receive written report cards in March and June.

Our monthly school and classroom newsletters are the best source for the most up to date information about school activities and classroom themes / areas of study.  A newsletter is available on line at the beginning of every month. A limited number of hard copies will continue to be available on the first day of every month.

No Child Without Medic Alert Bracelet Program
Montrose School is part of the No Child Without campaign, where free medic alert bracelets are provided to students in need.  Information about this program can be obtained from the school office and has been provided to families at different times through the school newsletter and brochures.  Further information is available at

Administering Medication to Students during school hours
From time to time students require medication while recovering from an illness.  Families of students requiring long term medical care must also work closely with the school to ensure that all procedures are followed carefully.  Prior to medication being accepted for administration by school personnel, the following forms must be completed in collaboration with parents/guardians and school staff.

  • Authorization for Exchange of Information for the purpose of medication administration.
  • Daily Medication Record
  • Medical Assessment for School Placement
  • Medications such as antibiotics that are required for less than 14 days, require only the completion of the Authorization for the Administration of Prescribed Medication.
  • Only medication that is supplied in an official pharmacy labelled container that identifies the name of the child, the name of the prescribing medical practitioner, the name of the medication, dosage, administering instructions, and the date the prescription was filled will be administered. Parents/guardians are responsible for supplying the necessary medication.
  • Medication must be sent in the proper dosage.  If pills are to be taken in a dosage that is less than one pill, they must be cut to the appropriate size.  Liquid medications must have a measuring device that allows for the exact dosage to be measured. Medication must be delivered to the school by a responsible adult.  The first dose must be administered and tolerated in a setting other than the school.
  • The school personnel shall only administer the medication at the time of day specified in writing by the physician.
  • Parents/guardians are responsible for replacing expired medication, as well as the removal and disposal of expired medication.  Medication is the property of the parents/guardians.  It is expected that medication will be taken home by parents/guardians during any school closure or student absence exceeding two weeks.  Medication not picked up by a responsible adult will be disposed of or destroyed in accordance with WHMIS guidelines.
  • If the above conditions are not met, medications presented to the school cannot be administered by school personnel.  In such cases, the parents/guardians retain full responsibility for administering the medication.
  • Personnel administering the medication will ensure that the requirements as defined are adhered to.
  • Training of designated staff by the Nurse Educator is required for the administration of inhaled medication, adrenaline auto-injectors, sublingual medication or medication given by gastrostomy.
  • One staff member will be designated to administer medication to one particular student and is responsible for completion and signing of the Medication tracking form.  Only in the absence of that staff member will a substitute staff member administer the medication.
  • Errors in administration or missed doses will be recorded on the medication tracking form and reported to the parents/guardians.
  • All medications will be kept under lock and key unless it may be required urgently.  In this circumstance the medication must be accessible and preferably located on the student.
  • Students who can safely and responsibly carry and administer their own medication should be allowed to do so.  In this case, parents/guardians must complete the Authorization for Self-Administration of Prescribed Medication form.

Montrose School Parent Council

The purpose of MSPC is:    

  • To encourage effective communication and cooperation between parents and staff of Montrose School.  
  • To support the mission and guiding principles of Montrose School.

  • Every parent/guardian will have membership to the MSPC and is entitled to one vote.  The staff at Montrose School is represented by the principal and one other staff member in a non-voting capacity.

  • Volunteers contribute their time and talent in a variety of different ways to extend and diversify children's learning opportunities.

  • Opportunity to work in a school setting with classroom teachers, resource teachers, librarians, or speech and language clinicians.
  • Orientation and training provided for all volunteer positions.
  • Opportunity to attend training workshops.
  • Experience in a school setting and development of employment related skills.
Application Process
  • Contact the school’s resource teacher through the office at 488-8112 
  • Please bring to the interview 2 pieces of identification (driver's license, health card, SIN number, birth certificate).
  • During the interview you will complete a registration form; forms for child abuse registry check and criminal record search which we will process and is paid for by the Winnipeg School Division.
  • During the interview you will have the opportunity to discuss various placements available in our school and decide upon a program that best suits your time and interest.
  • Orientation and training will be provided at the school where you have chosen to volunteer.
  • Sign-up with your child’s teacher.​
  • Accompany class on field trips.
  • Work in library.
  • Work with students one-on-one through resource centre.
  • Parent council-sponsored events and fundraising.
  • Sit on parent council.
  • Garden work days.

  • Interested in working with children in a school setting.
  • Minimum age requirement 16 years old.
  • Willing to accept direction and supervision from school staff.
  • Willing to receive volunteer training from the Coordinator of Volunteer Service of The Winnipeg School Division.

Time Commitment
  • 2 hours a week, Monday to Friday, between 9:00 a.m. &
     3:30 p.m. 
  • Minimum 4 month commitment.

Volunteers Use of Personal Vehicles
Individual volunteers at Montrose School are required to complete a volunteer orientation session with Winnipeg School Division Volunteer Coordinators. School volunteers are required to have a child abuse registry check. When parents want to volunteer as drivers they will be required to complete a Volunteer Driver Authorization Application. The application will be held on file for the school year and is to be updated when vehicle or driver information changes.

Parent Council Lunch Program

The lunch program is under the direction of the Montrose School Parent Council.

Program Guidelines:

  • All participants in the lunch program must complete the registration process. This includes the parents and a child’s signed contract as well as the completed medical information form.
  • Lunch is 12:00 – 12:30 p.m.; supervised recess from 12:30 – 1:00 p.m. (weather permitting)
  • Milk is provided each day which is part of our fee structure. Our lunch program participates in the Milk Marketing program.
  • Students must eat at their grade tables and proper behaviour is expected at all times.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to clean-up their own eating area.
  • Students must keep their hands and feet to themselves at all times. Any unacceptable and uncooperative behaviour in the lunch program will result in the loss of lunch program privileges. Parents will be informed of their child’s misbehaviour with a note or a phone call from the lunch program director.
  • The Lunch Program follows the Montrose School Code of Conduct.
  • If a child will be absent from the lunch program a phone call to 488-8810 must be made before the lunch hour starts. This is important as we need to keep track of the child for the lunch hour. A reminder that the lunch program is separate from the school and must be notified separately. If your child is going home for lunch or to a friend’s home for lunch, the director must be made aware by note or with a phone call.
  • Participation in this program is a privilege that is dependent upon a student’s cooperative behaviour. All students are expected to respect and listen to staff and other children.
  • NOTE: No Microwaves are available.

Fee Structure​


Payment Type

One Child

Two Children

Three Children

Lump Payment




3 x per year









$2.00 per day

$3.00 per day

$3.00 per day

Note: Families participating in the casual program will be billed at the end of each month to a maximum of the monthly charge. Statements will be sent home with your children.

Student Behaviour Expectations

All students participating in the Lunch Program will:

  • Stay in their seats while eating and awaiting dismissal
  • Speak at normal conversation levels
  • Display appropriate table manners
  • Cooperate with supervisors
  • Clean up after lunch by putting garbage in the provided containers
  • Wait to be dismissed by the supervisor
  • Go outside or to assigned activity immediately after dismissal
  • Listen quietly during the announcements

Once outside (or at assigned activity) students will:
  • Remain there until 1:00 p.m.
  • Display appropriate and safe behaviour
  • Cooperate with supervisors

Unacceptable behaviours are:​
  • Violence of any kind
  • Dangerous play
  • Physical violence/fighting
  • Damaging property
  • Disrespect or rudeness, (name calling, swearing, threatening, exclusion of others)
  • Defiance of a reasonable request
  • Continuous disruptive behaviour

Consequences for Unacceptable Behaviour​

First notification;​
At the first departure from the above expectations the child involved will meet with the Lunch Program Director and a conduct report will be written and a phone call home will be made. Conduct reports must be returned with a parent/guardian signature before the child can return to the lunch program.

Second notification;
Should the behaviour continue a meeting will be set up with the child, parents/guardians, Lunch Program Director and the Parent Council Treasurer or a Parent Council Executive Designate to determine a successful resolution.  The meeting will be recorded in writing and all involved must sign the copy and copies will be given to all parties involved. 

Third notification;
Should the behaviour continue, parents/guardians will be notified and the child will be removed from the lunch program for a period of time deemed appropriate by the Lunch Program director and the school administration.  During this time it is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to make alternate lunch arrangements, not involving the school.  A meeting will be set up with the child, parents/guardians, Parent Council Treasurer or Parent Council Designate, Principal and Lunch Program Director to determine a successful resolution before the child will be allowed back in the program.  The meeting will be recorded in writing and all involved must sign the copy and copies be given to all parties involved.

Final notification;
The child will be permanently removed from the program and a refund will not be issued.

K.I.D.S. Inc.

While K.I.D.S. Inc. is located in Montrose School, it is run independently.  K.I.D.S. Inc. can be contacted directly by phone at 488 8948.  K.I.D.S. Inc. is a family and community based non-profit childcare centre serving families in the River Heights area since 1987.  K.I.D.S. Inc. is a year round program open 7am-6pm daily.  The programs offer arts and crafts, science and social studies exploration, dramatic play, fine and gross motor activities, literature experiences, field trips, visitors, nutritious snacks, outdoor play and quiet relaxation with friends of all ages.  The daily curriculum is based on children’s ages, stages of development and interests.  K.I.D.S. Inc. is licensed by the Manitoba Child Care Program for 40 preschool children ages 2 - 5 and 46 school age children grades 1-6.  All employees are trained in Emergency First Aid, CPR and have undergone a criminal records investigation and child abuse registry check.

The years of a child’s life are times of natural curiosity, boundless energy and unlimited questions.  Providing a rich and varied environment where children can enjoy learning through play and social interaction with their peers is important.  Children have a right to freely explore in their safe stimulating environment that meets their ever changing social, emotional, physical and intellectual development.

We believe in the inclusion of all children.  Parents are the most important people in a child’s life and are welcome to be as mu​ch a part of their child’s day as they wish.  Our well educated and experienced staff will always ensure children feel safe, valued and loved while providing experiences that promote creativity, self-confidence and a positive self image.​


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