Weather Scavenger Hunt


Click on the links BELOW each question to answer the questions. You will usually have to scroll down the entire page. You should SKIM the page (looking for bold-faced word and picture clues) to help you find the answers. After you write the answer down on your paper, click the BACK button to get back to the hunt and go to the next question.


  1. What are the basic ingredients of weather (there are 4) AND where does our weather originate?



  1. What causes temperature changes? (You MUST include the explanation of kinetic energy.)



  1. What is air pressure AND what happens when temperature goes up?



  1. Why is volume an important ingredient of weather?



  1. Look at this diagram on density. What effect do you think density has on weather?



  1. Precipitation can fall as rain, hail, freezing rain, sleet, and snow. What is the difference between hail, freezing rain, and sleet? Which do you think is most dangerous and why? (HINT: you have to check out EACH link to be able to answer this question.)



  1. What is the jetstream and is it faster or slower in the winter?
  2. How wide is the jet stream and how high above the earth is it usually?



  1. Using the information on this page, how might you draw the weather symbols we might be experiencing during a NorEaster when the sky is completely overcast, snow is heavy, and winds are 30 knots.



  1. What conditions make a storm a hurricane?



  1. How many categories of hurricanes are there?



  1. How can you prepare for a hurricane (give 3 things your family should think about)?



  1. How high can wind speeds reach in a tornado?



  1. What precautions should you take if there is a tornado warning?



  1. Carbon Monoxide poisoning can be deadly. When is it most dangerous and what are some of the biggest causes of carbon monoxide poisoning?



  1.   What happens if nimbo appears at the beginning of a cloud name or nimbus appears at the end?



  1. Play the cloud matching game.



  1. What is the average high and average low temperatures Winnipeg  MB in September?