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Ocean Odyssey site description for Ocean Odyssey
"The evil Sea Serpent has stolen Mel Scale the mermaid's voice. Investigate the science of sound to solve the fishy goings-on "

Changing sounds
site description for BBC: Changing Sounds
This interactive activity allows students to learn more about the intensity and mechanism of sound.

BBC Sound and Hearing site description for BBC:Sound and Hearing
Try this to learn more about sound and hearing.

The Ear

Discover! Simulations - Matter and Energy site description for Discover! Simulations - Matter and Energy
Learn about sound and how it travels through liquids, solids and gases. In part 2, build a wall of a solid, liquid or gas and then click on the trumpet player. Listen carefully and see how the wall you make affects the sound.

Dangerous Decibels: Virtual Exhibit site description for Dangerous Decibels: Virtual Exhibit
This site has many different activities that let you explore hearing and sound. You can listen to sounds as though you have hearing loss, see how sound waves work and learn what sounds may be dangerous.

Place Matters​ site description for Place Matters
How does place affect certain sounds? Move the sound pieces (the frog and birds) around and change the location to find out.

San Francisco Symphony Interactive

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24 Easy to Make Instruments

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