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Nursery Room 2

April is RAIN month!

This month we are looking more closely at our names and practicing a letter a day! Students are always excited to see what is in our Letter Bin of the day and they enjoy hearing the daily Alphatales story.

Students are very excited that spring is on it's way and are excited to do some fun rain activities and science experiments.

We read a story about rain and how it starts and what happens to it as it falls. To show students what this might look like we did a very simple science experiment.

We started with clear water in a jar which represents the air. With a thin layer of shaving cream overtop which represents the cloud. Then we used blue watercolour paint to represent the rain. Students were baffled at how much water the "cloud" could hold. They were also surprised to find out that rain actually starts as ice crystals in the cloud.


For this rain activity we used a technique that required bubble wrap, which of course everyone wanted to pop!


We started the month by making some adorable Finemotor-Pattern Caterpillars. We thought using chopsticks was very fun!


Our hallway bulletin board is adorable and full of colour and a Springtime feel!


Students were very excited about some of the new table games and puzzles that were put out this month.



Students are getting more confident in writing their names without tracing or copying, it is so nice to see how proud they are of themselves! Some have even started writing in lowercase letters or have taken an interest in practicing writing their friends' names.


March is OCEAN month!

Throughout March we looked at many different ocean creatures and other wonderful ocean pieces as well. Students were introduced to new creatures two or three times a week! We of course did some fun and wonderful crafts using a variety of different methods.

We also went on our very first field trip of the year to FreezeFrame, where we watched videos from other countries.

Students have been enjoying our regular classroom routines as well, such as writing our names on a mini whiteboard, or tracing them using laminated paper. They enjoy the new table top activities as well, which include counting, patterning, alphabet recognition, and sorting activities.

Painting Jellyfish!


Making shell patterns.


We really love making letters in the beautifully coloured sand!



We examined shells and starfish upclose using a magnifying glass!



We played math games using painted shells.



Our favourite craft was the salt-dough starfish. We started by mixing the dough. Then we rolled it, pressed it with a cutter. Let it dry, and then painted it! They sure add a lovely splash of colour to the classroom.


February is FRIENDSHIP month!

We spent February talking about what it means to be a good friend. We talked about what love means. We created some wonderful art work for the classroom. We had great conversations about what a good friend is. Some ideas were that they help each other, share toys, and say nice things to each other. We of course celebrated friendship and love on~ Valentine's Day with great stories, great games, and of course great snacks.

"We sorted hearts by size." CIMG9388.JPG"I made a pattern"CIMG9404.JPG

"We made cards for out family and friends"

January is OWL month!!

After seeing the Barn owl and the adorable-tiny Saw-Whet owl in December thanks to Prairie Wild Life, the kids have taken an interest in them, so we decided to learn even more about them.

Along with learning about Owls we have also started looking more into letter formation using Handwriting Without Tears, a fun hands on program for beginner writers!

We really enjoy learning all about patterns too. This month we made owl patterns.

We also listened to the story Owl Babies by Martin Waddell. We then made our own Owl Babies. We talked about big, medium, and small when we made them too.


Here we are making our big owl eyes!!



We think our ripped owls are very cute, they represent the tiny Saw-Whet owls we have been really learning about! Owls are awake during the night time which is why our bulletin boards look like nighttime.

December is SNOW month!!


All through December we have been thinking about snow. We have drawn snowflakes, we have drawn snowman while practicing circle making. We even made melted snowman using special paint. We have read many stories about snow and snowmen. One of our favourites is called Making a Friend by Alison McGhee.


We love reading together too!






Here we are making our melted snowmen! We used Puffy Paint, a mix of shaving cream and liquid glue.



Here we are practicing our circle making by drawing snowmen!


We love building with LEGO! We use our imagination!


We love painting and creating things to show off at home!


We made melted snowmen out of puffy paint! We were curious about the texture of the paint.

Our Sunflower planting...and watching them grow!










Some of our Sunflower sketches using Pastels.







We have been taking a closer look at sunflowers over the past few weeks.  The students have been busy drawing and painting sunflowers as well as using their senses to describe what sunflowers look like, feel like and smell like.  We will be planting sunflower seeds in the next few days to see what happens.











CIMG9002.JPGOctober 2017

What a wonderful start to the school year in Nursery! It has been a pleasure getting to know families and students over this past month.  Thank you all so much for attending your Nursery Meetings and for attending our Mulvey School Meet the Staff night.  I am looking forward to continuing to get to know the students and their families as the school year progresses.  We have been getting into our classroom routines and creating friendships.  We have also started our very first Art Project of the school year by taking a closer look at Sunflowers.  The children took the time to use their senses by looking closely at the flowers, by touching them and smelling them.  Each child then independently sketched their own sunflower and painted it.  You can see their Art posted in the hallway just outside of our classroom and also inside our classroom.  Please feel free to come by and celebrate their creations, they are all very unique and beautiful.








Self Portraits

The boys and girls in Room 2 did a beautiful job creating their self portraits. We had conversations about how we all look different and how that makes us all special. The children used mirrors to take a closer look at their facial features and did their very best to make sure that their portraits were a realistic representation of themselves. I am so proud of how hard they all worked to create their art. Great job everyone!








We had the most amazing time at the Assinboine Park Zoo last week.  The boys and girls represented Mulvey School so well by behaving respectfully throughout the whole day.  I am so proud of them, great job Room 2! A very big thank you to the EA's and parents that came along to support us on our trip. We appreciated all of your help!





June Newsletter

It is hard to believe that the school year is coming to an end.  I have had the most amazing year with the children in Room 2. It has been a pleasure getting to know each and everyone of them.  As we wrap up the year in Nursery, we are looking forward to a field trip to the Assiniboine Park Children’s Nature Playground where we will spend the day playing outdoors and sharing a picnic lunch together.  I will be sending home details about this field trip soon. We will also be spending some of our classroom time outdoors where we will have our snacks, read books and sketch some of the wonders of nature around us.  We continue to participate in various math and literacy games and activities, the children have learned so much and have fun while learning important skills.  We have also began to take a closer look at self portraits and are talking about creating our own using various materials and art supplies.  The children have some very creative ideas and the conversations have been very interesting.  A big thank you to families for playing such an important role in supporting their child through their first year in school.  It has been a pleasure getting to know all of you.  Have a happy and safe summer!




Classroom News

We continue to work on letter recognition and number concepts. The children are participating in various interactive and hands on games and activities.  They continue to build on their Numeracy and Literacy skills.  I am very proud of how much they have all learned and accomplished so far this year.  We have been discussing Cultural Diversity in our classroom.  The students are creating a video that we will share at an upcoming school wide assembly.  As we look forward into May we are looking forward to taking a full day field trip to the Assiniboine Park Zoo. We will be sending home a note for families with details regarding that day.  The children have taken an interest in the sights and sounds of Spring.  It seems that that will be our new topic to inquire and investigate further.  I am looking forward to being a part of their learning journey.  






What We Love About Canada

The students have created a video of what they love the most about Canada.  We shared it with our family and friends during the Winter Concert in December.  Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Canadian Animals

The students in Room 2 chose their favorite Canadian animal and created a beautiful piece of art, they are displayed on our hallway bulletin board. Please stop by and take a look.  They are perfect!  Great job Room 2!













 The Jolly Green Thumb

We had a wonderful time on our first field trip of the year.  The children were able to explore and learn all about pumpkins.  They were able to watch a pumpkin carving and got to take their own sugar pumpkin home.  What a great experience!





Taking a closer look...

Due to the students interest and natural curiosity when it comes to Pumpkins and various fall items we have been able to do many activities and have great conversations in our classroom. I have attached a variety of pictures below to show what the children in Room 2 have been exploring and engaged in over the last few weeks leading up to our field trip to the Pumpkin Patch. 














CIMG8311.JPGOctober 2016

We have been so busy this month!  We continue to get to know one another and learn our classroom routines.  Everyone has created a very beautiful and unique Sunflower painting that is hanging outside our classroom.  I am so proud of how hard the students worked on this project.  They all look amazing.  Since then we have been taking a closer look at pumpkins and other various fall items.  We are also getting ready to head out on our very first field trip to the Jolly Green Thumb Pumpkin Patch.  Everyone is excited and looking forward to it! 


Baking in our classroom...

One of our A.M. students had a wonderful idea last week.  Why not make ‘fruit pies’ in our classroom and share them with all our friends?  So we did!  This student took ownership of the idea and shared it with his classroom friends during carpet time and everyone thought it was a great idea.  Together the students decided that they wanted to make a pie with apples.  We got together discussed some options, and searched for some recipes.  We decided on a recipe for Apple Crisp.  We sorted and measured the ingredients, there was so much learning and enjoyment through the entire process.  Everyone took turns and worked together nicely.  We put all the ingredients into a bowl for mixing and finally into a pan for baking.  A very special thank you to Mrs. Ginter for helping us with preparing and baking our recipe.  The Apple Crisp was a special treat and so delicious!  Everyone worked together with the leadership and guidance of one of their friends and had a very good time making a dessert to share.  We have already been discussing which fruit pie to make next. 













CIMG8152.JPGCIMG8153.JPGHappy Thanksgiving!

We stopped to think about what we are thankful for in Room 2 this week.  There are many things that the students were able to discuss and share during our classroom sharing circle time.  We painted our hands and turned them into colourful Turkeys to take home and share with our families and friends.  Enjoy the long weekend and Happy Thanksgiving!





Sunflower Art

The students in Room 2 have created beautiful Sunflower paintings.  They are currently displayed in the hallway outside our classroom.  We spent some time talking about Sunflowers.  We talked about things like:  What do they smell like?  What do they feel like?  What do you see when you take a closer look?  The pictures all look so wonderful, we have some amazing Artists in Room 2. Great job everyone!







September 2016

Thank you to all the families that attended their child’s Nursery Interview and our Meet the Staff evening.  It was so great to meet all of you. We have been working so hard on practicing classroom routines all month.  The boys and girls just keep on getting better and better every day.  Along with this we have all been getting to know one another and making new friends. It is a very exciting time in Nursery.  As a class we have gone on Nature walks, created Art, and read some very interesting books.  We are currently taking a closer look at Sunflowers and creating some very beautiful art to hang in our school hallway.  I am so proud of everyone and looking forward to a wonderful school year together.



Six Pines Farm Field Trip

June 9th

What an amazing day we had at Six Pines Farm last week! The weather was perfect, and everyone represented Mulvey School so respectfully. Once again, I am so proud of Room 2! Everyone listened to the Farm Tour Guides, and respected the farm rules and the animals. Great job! 

farm 1.jpg 

farm 2.jpg farm 3.jpg

farm 4.jpg 

farm 6.jpg farm 5.jpg

farm 7.jpg 


We have been taking some time this week to create Self-Portraits in Room 2. This project has allowed the children to explore the concept of self. We have had great conversations about how everyone is special and unique. The student led discussions that touched on diversity, the ways that people are different and how they are the same, and how everyone is special both inside and out. Students began their self-portraits by looking into mirrors and talking about what they saw. They described their facial feautures and the various colours and shapes that they saw. They then created a sketch of their face with pencil, and used paint to add colour. They all look amazing! Once again the students in Room 2 created very impressice work!  Way to go!  














Field Trip Notice

Parents and Guardians,

On Thursday, June 9th the AM and PM nursery students will be participating in a field trip to Six Pines Farm. All AM and PM students are required to arrive at school for 9:00 AM. Please make sure they are on time, as our bus will be leaving promptly at 9:10 AM. We will be returning to Mulvey School by 2:30 PM.  Please pick up your students at this time. If you are unable to accommodate this dismissal time please feel free to contact me at Mulvey School to discuss alternate arrangements to be made for your child. 

Students who are registered on the school bus will receive notification of their temporary pickup and drop off times for this day. 

Please make sure that your child is dressed appropriately for the weather. We will be attending rain or shine. The Farm has asked that students do NOT wear sandals for safety reasons.

Please provide your child with a disposable bag lunch (one that can be thrown out) and one that does not need to be heated. Please label your child's lunch. The school will provide your child with a snack.

Please note that this is a full day field trip. There will be no school for Room 2 AM and PM students on Friday, June 10th.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Ms. Susanna Gomes
Nursery Teacher

May News

We have been learning so much about dinosaurs. We have completed our classroom mural, and it is filled with so much dinosaur knowledge. The students added so much detail and did so much planning and thinking while creating the mural together. They decided what they wanted it to look like, what colours to use, what the dinosaurs needed to survive and of course which dinosaurs they wanted to create and add to the mural. We have also created clay dinosaur models. Everyone chose the dinosaur that they wanted to make out of clay, and we are currently painting them and adding some finishing touches to the models. They are looking amazing! 

Due to the beautiful weather we have been going outside for some of our classroom activities. Already we have been able to spend time outside having picnics on the grass, we have had our special circle time outside where we have been able to share in great conversation and we have also been outside for book buddies with Ms. Rosenberg's class. 

Please send hats with your child if possible and apply sunscreen on them so that they can enjoy our time outside comfortably.








Our dinosaur models are complete! The students worked so hard on creating dinosaurs out of clay. Each student chose the dinosaur that they wanted to create, molded it, and painted it. I am so proud of the creativity that went into this project. I am always so impressed by what the children create, the outcomes are amazing! 

Great job everyone!




















Happy Mother's Day!

We took time last week to celebrate Mother's Day by creating Mother's Day gifts for our families. Everyone painted a clay pot and planted a beautiful flower. They were taken home and given to their mother, father or special family member. 




We have completed our classroom Dinosaur Mural. Please take a look at the photos below.  It looks amazing!  Everyone added an art piece of their choice to our Dinosaur World. The creativity and unique ideas that went into creating the mural, and the chance to work together on a project was a great learning expereince for all the students. It has become a big part of our classroom conversations. Great job Nursery!






We have concluded our theme of Polar Bears in Room 2 and the students have decided to move on to taking a closer look at Dinosaurs. We have been using books, videos and pictures to learn about the many types of Dinosaurs and the world that they lived in. There have been great classroom discussions which have allowed the students to both share and build on their knowledge of Dinosaurs. One of the many topics that has come up during our discussions has been fossils. This has led us to go outside our classroom for a walk where we were able to find some fossils right in the limestone of our school. That was a very exciting experience for everyone. We went on from there to create our own Dinosaur fossils and we also created some beautiful and very unique Dinosaur art that has been displayed right outside our room. We are currently working on a large mural in our classroom that shows many facts and details about Dinosaurs. The students have created the entire piece themselves using various forms of materials. Along with our Dinosaur theme, we continue to play letter and number games to build on our literacy and numeracy skills. We also continue to meet up with our Book Buddies weekly where we read books together and play math games. There is a lot of learning happening all around us in Nursery!





I am so proud of the students in Room 2 for their hard work in creating their Paper Mache Polar Bears. They have all been taken home to be enjoyed and shared with family and friends. Below, you can see their finished pieces. Way to go everyone! PB5.pngPB3.pngPB2.png

PB complete 1a.png PB4.png

Field Trip Notice:

Parents and Guardians,

On Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016, the AM and PM nursery students will be participating in a field trip to the Assiniboine Park Zoo. All AM and PM students are required to arrive at school for 9:00 AM. Please make sure they are on time, as our bus will be leaving promptly at 9:10 AM. We will be returning to Mulvey School by 11:30 AM, please pick up your students at this time. If you are unable to accommodate this dismissal time please feel free to contact me at Mulvey School to discuss alternate arrangements to be made for your child. 

Students who are registered on the school bus will receive notification of their temporary pickup and drop off times for this day. 

Please make sure that your child is dressed appropriately for the weather. We will be going to the Zoo rain or shine.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

Ms. Susanna Gomes
Nursery Teacher

April 2016

We have had a busy month! We have completed our paper mache Polar Bears and Penguins and they all look amazing. All the students worked very hard and took so much time on this project. The end results are incredible. I am so proud of everyone! They can be seen on the Mulvey​ School Website, under the Nursery classroom section. We are in the middle of constructing our Igloo in the classroom, it is coming along nicely and the students are already using that area for reading. We are concluding our study of the Arctic and Polar Bears by taking a field trip to the Assiniboine Park Zoo. During our visit we will be able to see the Polar Bears in their environment, visit the Gateway to the Arctic Exhibit, spend some time at the Aurora Borealis Theatre and end our trip with some time at the Polar Bear Playground. We were also very lucky to have story teller Jaime Oliviero come visit our classroom. He shared great stories with our students and taught them some songs and dances. He concluded his time with us by having the children collaborate with him on an inspirational story titled, Rainbow Turtle. Please feel free to read it, it is posted in our school's main hallway. It was great seeing families and meeting to celebrate everyone's learning during Parent Teacher Conferences. Thank you to all that attended, it continues to be a pleasure being part of your children's school experience this term.

Am polar pic.jpg 

PM polar pic.jpg 

Congratulations to the students in Room 2! On Saturday, March 5th, the Winnipeg Free Press featured the student's Polar Bear art in the newspaper. What an accomplishment! I am so proud of the children and so glad that their talents are being celebrated! Way to go!

newspaper piece1.jpg 


March 2016

We continue to explore the ArcticTheme in Room 2.  The students are leading so many interesting conversations about Polar Bears, the climate in the Arctic and most recently the Northern Lights.  The students are in the middle of creating their own Paper Mache Polar Bears and Penguins, they are all taking unique form and look amazing!  I am looking forward to seeing the end result once they are painted and details have been added.  Our most recent activity has been creating an art piece of the Northern Lights.  Students have chosen their own colours for their pictures added polar bears, penguins and snow to their art.  They are all very unique and beautiful.  February is I Love to Read Month and we love Mo Willems', Pigeon books in our classroom.  The students have decided to decorate our classroom door with The Pigeon character from the books and have added a personal comment about these books.  We have also started Reading Buddies with Ms. Rosenberg's classroom.  The students meet up once a cycle to read books together.  It has been a great experience everyone.



February 2016

We continue to look at 'Winter' in Nursery this month. We began our month by reading, The Mitten by Jan Brett.  We looked at the story using a variety of methods, we read it together as a classroom, we used puppets to re-tell the story, we used art materials to put the story onto paper, and we watched the story as a video.  The student's interest in this book led us into eventually creating a sketch of their favourite animal from the story.  I am so proud of how much time and care went into their sketches.  We were also very lucky to have 'Reading with Raptors' join us in our classrooms to share stories about animals.  They brought two different types of Falcons with them and a Velveteen Rabbit for the children to meet and pet.  Having so many wonderful discussions about animals has now led us into looking closer at Polar bears and their Arctic climate.  It has been a very interesting topic for us so far.  The students are sharing their thoughts and ideas about Polar bears and building on their knowledge by having conversations with one another, looking at books, watching the Polar bear live camera and by watching videos.  We have also been working on an experiment using various materials to make our own snowflakes in the classroom.  We are very excited to continue on with our winter theme, it has created a lot of wonderful conversations and group building opportunities for us.  What a great start to the year!



January 2016

It's a New Year and we are all excited to be back at school. I would like to take the time to congratulate the students for their excellent performance in December during the school's Winter Concert! All of the students practiced so hard and I am so very proud of how wonderful their performance went. I would like to extend a special thank you to parents and families that were able to attend the concert and show their support. The children were so excited to see you all there. December was a busy month, we began exploring the theme of 'Winter' and continue with this theme into January. Our theme has included various picture books, art creations, interesting conversations and group discussions.  We have gotten back into our classroom routines quite easily and continue to work on letter and name recognition, and on our counting skills. What a great start to the year!





Nursery AM- Ms. T-W and Mr. H

 Things are in full swing here in Room 2! We have been learning all about the insects that come with spring. We started by looking at ladybugs, and then moved on to Caterpillars. We read ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ by Eric Carle and we even watched a video animation of the story on Youtube. We have learned the life cycle of a caterpillar with help from the stories we have been reading and the poems we have been learning. Did you know that caterpillars make a cocoon, and another word for cocoon is Chrysalis? When they come out of the cocoon/chrysalis they will be beautiful butterflies! Coming up in May we will be learning all about Farm animals and there will even be a field trip to real farm!  

Nursery P.M.

Students have been flying through our butterfly theme this past month. They have been focusing on the four different stages of a butterfly and have learned a new big word, “metamorphosis”. The students also learned that butterflies migrate to Mexico and have enjoyed singing the song “Going Down to Mexico”. Beautiful art work has been made by the students and they especially enjoyed making caterpillars. We also celebrated “Earth Day” and we discussed ways to keep our environment clean.  In May we will be learning about the different animals in Farms and will be attending Six Pines Fall. 

Carpet Time




Exploration Time



Book Buddies


Balancing Activity










I hope that everyone had a great Spring Break and enjoyed the lovely weather. I would like to thank all the parents and guardians who attended the Student-led conferences. This past month students continued to have lots of fun learning about “Under the Sea”. We have really enjoyed creating art such as our sharks and singing songs such as “Slippery Fish” and “5 Little Fishes”. In March the students enjoyed learning new songs and singing with their friends from Kindergarten during the “Mother Goose Program”. The class also created a Human Rights page for the school book. Students were very engaged and discussed the importance of having the right of education. “Books, learning, education, students, and teachers” were several of the students’ responses. In April the students will be discussing signs of Spring such as the arrival of the Geese from the South. As well students will be continuing to create their alphabet book and improving their math skills such using terminology such as “more” and “less”.


"I Love to Read Month" was a great month for the students in the classroom. We were very lucky to have teachers and volunteers read to our class. This month we were lucky and welcome another friend to our Room 2 family. Our class also enjoyed the spirt week activities and had fun coming to school in our pyjamas. I am pleased with how much progress the students have shown this year in their counting and alphabetical awareness skills. Students have been working very hard this month learning about love, respect, and friendship. Students have created beautiful fish art and will continue their "Under the Sea" theme. Students will continue to improve their skills in math by matching objects to a given number, understanding terminology such as "more" and "less", and will continue learning the sounds that come with each alphabetical letter.


Room 2 AM

We have learned a new school routine th​is past month and students have begun to explore name writing. We have learned, practiced, and strengthened our fingers using “The crab pinch” hold on our writing tools. With the help of our teacher some of us are beginning to notice the difference between the upper and lowercase letters in our name. 

We continue to focus on identifying, creating and extending patterns that we see in our environment and have practiced making patterns using manipulatives and technology.

We met a new friend “Clark the Shark” – who just loves to rhyme, and we have been practicing hearing and producing rhyming words during play and through our snack time rhyme “Fuzzy Wuzzy.”  Clark the Shark is also teaching us about what it is like under the sea. We have painted the ocean, looked closely at the parts of a fish, and learned some ocean language songs and counting poems. “Slippery Fish” is our favorite! Please ask your child to sing it to you at home. This month we look forward to learning more about sea life with Clark the Shark. 


​Room 2 PM

 I would like to welcome our new friend to our classroom family and thank all of the students for making him feel comfortable. Students have been working very hard on their counting skills and we have increased our numbers up to 20. Students are also get familiar recognizing their own and friends’ names without visuals.

The boys and girls have been learning about life under the sea. They have learned the different parts of a fish such as the fin, tail, and gill. Students will continue to learn songs/poems such as “Slippery Fish” and “Five Little Fishes”. Students will enhance their learning about this theme while discovering other water related topics such as mermaids, sea shells, and other animals in the ocean.

Students will also be talking about and celebrating Valentine’s Day. I would also like to thank our book buddies for being great mentors and role models for the students.

I look forward to “I Love to Read Month” and remember great futures start early! 

Friends making a puzzle together.


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