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June 2016 News

Here we are in June already! It has been an exciting time for us. In Science we are studying Diversity of Life. Along with Ms. Solmundson's class we were fortunate to have Murray Smith come and talk to us about the lifecycle of a chicken. He was able to get us two dozen fertile eggs and an incubator, to enable us to hatch some chicks. The incubator has a thermometer, to measure degrees in Fahrenheit, and a hygrometer, to measure humidity. We have to keep the eggs between 99 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit, which is 37 degrees Celsius. We also add water every couple of days to keep the humidity up. There is a motor that gently rocks the eggs back and forth. These factors all help simulate what it would be like for the eggs if they were in a henhouse with their mother looking after them. We're pretty excited to see the chicks when they hatch! We also have many Painted Lady butterfly larvae. We will be watching them from the larva stage (caterpillar), then to pupa (chrysalis), when they will go through metamorphosis and become adult butterflies. And that's not all. We are also growing Oyster Mushrooms from a kit you can find at some supermarkets. Most of the students are not fans of eating mushrooms but we do enjoy watching them grow. Maybe we will give them a try if we can't actually notice them in some food! Well, as you can see we are really into the spring season with all the things growing in our classroom. We wish everyone a safe and happy summer.IMG_7179_2.MOVIMG_7192_2.jpgIMG_1400.JPG


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