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Coach Room 20

May News

We've been waiting for this wonderful weather and are taking advantage of some much needed outdoor time. Last month we said goodbye to Constable Jones who has been our School Resource Officer. We will miss him but he has promised to stay in touch. His replacement, Constable Mike, has already become a good friend and we welcome him in his new role. We had a big celebration to say "bye" to Constable Jones and "hello" to Constable Mike. We have just finished reading our third novel study, Touching Spirit Bear. It was another captivating story that touches on the subject of circle justice. We highly recommend it to others. Our neighbouring class has recommended Brian's Winter. Apparently it is a 'second ending' to Hatchet, which we really enjoyed as well. We have decided we will read it next. Our Roots of Empathy visits continue and we are impressed how much our visiting baby has grown since we first met him. At first he couldn't do much but now he is able to crawl and make lots of sounds. We always look forward to his visits with his mom. In Family Life we have learned a lot about how our own bodies are still growing. We are looking forward to some upcoming projects. Soon we will be raising butterflies as well as watching chicks hatch from eggs! Sun stations continue to be a weekly phys ed event that we enjoy. Talk to you soon.








April News

Well, last month we noted some extreme weather changes in our weather journals, especially with the big snowfall on the weekend of March 4 – 5. We studied high and low pressure systems just prior to that snowfall. We like the saying that Low Pressure equals Lousy Weather while High Pressure equals Happy Weather. We really noticed the days getting longer and that made everyone happier. We enjoyed going to the Freeze Frame movie festival and watched the animated show, Ozzie! It was fun and some students are interested in learning more about the film industry. In music we have been continuing to practice playing a variety of instruments to guitar tracks, including wood instruments, bells, shakers, and drums. In art we've been practicing our Zen Tangle designs and recently incorporated them into our Shamrock Art. Our Roots of Empathy baby visits continue to be a terrific learning experience. We enjoy asking his mom questions about his milestones as we watch him grow. Through our Second Step program we have learned  about the physical responses our bodies go through when we are getting anxious or angry. Some of the signs could be, sweaty palms, clenched muscles, flushed skin, heavy breathing, and a quickening heart rate. When we experience these symptoms, we can often calm ourselves just by deep breathing, perhaps counting down, and using positive self-talk. Enjoy the spring weather everyone! Talk to you next month.IMG_1400.JPG




December News

December was a busy month with students finishing up their Alebrijes project with our visiting artist, Miss Alejandra (Ale). We finished them in time for our holiday fiesta where our families were able to come see them in our gallery walk. Our fiesta style celebration also included nachos, tacos, burritos, and some Mexican desserts that Miss Ale brought. Yummy! We had a gingerbread cookie decorating station, a photo booth, a colouring station, and a local musician keeping us entertained. What a great time! We wrapped up our yoga sessions with Krista and made her some thank you cards for her great work! We also enjoyed a presentation on owls from Prairie Wildlife Rehab and met two beautiful owls!  We finished our novel study of Wonder and are looking forward to seeing the movie together soon. We highly recommend you read this book! We're now reading Hatchet and look forward to giving you our review soon. So far it is an exciting read. Welcome to the New Year. We hope it is a great one for you!IMG_0119[1].JPG








The students continue to work hard into Spring.  One of our art assignments in early April was to make Zentangle flowers in order to bring the feeling of Spring into our classroom. It worked! Zentangle has really taken off in our classroom, with students finding it relaxing and engaging.

Speaking of taking off, in Science we are studying flight! You probably know what that means? We are making and testing paper airplanes. Sometimes we go out into the hall to test how far they can fly. It’s not all play though. We have learned the principals of flight and are beginning to understand the concepts of gravity, lift, drag and thrust. We have also done a number of experiments to learn about the properties of air. Some of it has been pretty cool, like putting Kleenex under water in an open cup without getting it wet! Another cool one was when we filled a cup with water, put a card across the top, and turned the cup upside down. We don’t want to spoil the surprise so we won’t tell you what happened!

We are also growing some cool things in our class. We’ve got some potatoes and onions that have sprouted in our school pantry. We moved them to the class and are watching their progress. We are also starting to grow some Oyster Mushrooms with a kit we got from the market. Soon we will be able to put our growing skills to work outside by decorating the entranceway to our school with flowers.

We had a great visit one day from Amber, a member of the team who recently had a baby. We enjoyed meeting her son and seeing her again.

Jennifer came to do a hoop and jingle dance presentation. She was truly awesome! See you in June!

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