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We L.O.V.E. to Read!!!

During the month of February, we had a lot of fun reading in different ways! We not only had guest readers from 99.9 Bob FM, but we also read to each other in our classroom and to our nursery book buddies! We were very lucky to get invited to a reading event with Hot 103 Virigin Radio at the Burton Cummings Theatre. There, we listened to Mayor Brian Bowman read us a story and Fred Penner sing us song! Our I Love to Read month ended successfully with students WINNING the student verses staff challenge! YAY students!!!  




Guest reader, Mark, from Bob FM!


Art Exposure in our Community 

On a beautiful fall Friday afternoon, we took our first community walk of the year to see some amazing artwork right in our school community! We were lucky enough that artist Kal Barteski was still in the neighbourhood painting various animals on Wolseley garages. What an wonderful way to end our learning week!

Enjoy our photo gallery...







At the end of April, our class got to go to the Assiniboine Park Zoo! At the zoo, we continued our study on bats, specifically microbats and megabats. We saw tigers, polar bears, camels, seals and SO MUCH MORE! We had so much fun at the Polar Bear Playground! 

Please enjoy our zoo photo gallery...

Zoo class photo.JPG

Exploring the bat cave... 

Bat cave.JPG

Bat cave with Ms. R.jpg

Looking out at the polar bears...

Looking at polar bears.JPG


Junior and Nisha.JPG

Come out come out wherever you are... 

Polar bear water.JPG

Thank you Assiniboine Park Zoo for such a fun day of learning outside!!! 

* * * * *

Welcome back from spring break!!

Before the break, we started learning about Ancient Egypt. Students in Room 21 got the unique experience of furthering their knowledge by visiting the Manitoba Museum. We not only got to explore the museum, but we also got to participate in a program at the Science Gallery, that related to our unit on "matter." Enjoy our photo gallery!

Manitoba Museum...







Science Gallery...







Happy New Year!!!

Room 21 is looking forward to beginning our new book buddy reading program with the nursery students. We are ready, excited and have been preparing by participating in Read to Someone each day! We have not only been listening to each other read, but we have been enjoying reading aloud too! We also started to discuss the word "positive feedback," and what that means and looks like. 






~​May: Field Trip FUN~

Wow! What a wonderful day we had last Friday at the Assiniboine Park Zoo! Everyone was SO excited to be there, exploring the animals and learning all about different creature classifications. Even though we got a little wet in the rain, we still had a blast seeing all the amazing animals and of course... the DINOSAURS!!! I think that was definitely the highlight of our field trip! Lifesize dinosaurs, what could be better?! 

Please enjoy a little photo gallery of our time at the zoo...

IMG_4453 (1).JPG

We can't wait to explore the zoo!!! #excited

FullSizeRender (55).jpg

FullSizeRender (52).jpg

Look at the impressive seals swim behind us! 

FullSizeRender (50).jpg

Having fun at the polar bear playground!


Wahoo... one came out to play with us!



Very focused on sorting and classifying


Group work!



*Highlight of the day: The Dinosaur Exhibit 

IMG_4498 (1).JPG

​Look behind you! 

IMG_4495 (1).JPG

LIFESIZE... watch out!

IMG_4486 (1).JPG

The sun finally came out... and it's​ in our eyes! 

FullSizeRender (51).jpg

Who can make the scariest dinosaur face???

FullSizeRender (57).jpg

Thank you again so much Assiniboine Park Zoo. We had a blast!


Is everyone enjoying the


SPRING weather??? 


I know we are! During the last week of April, we had a big discussion about air, discussing what air really is. 


First we talked about what we know about air and then we thought it would be a good idea to go outside and explore what we noticed about air when we were actually outside!​





Pictures from our ​Math and Art Project on Symmetry






Some students decided to figure out their design with manipulatives before putting their pattern together






Photo Gallery of our Manitoba Museum Field Trip in April...









Science Gallery fun! 











What's happening in April???


​​Welcome back! I hope everyone had a wonderful Spring Break, spending quality time with family and friends, enjoying the outdoors!


This month we will continue to extend our learning by taking on different hands-on experiments in Science pertaining to States of Matter (solids, liquids and gases). We will also be looking at different ways we can help and protect our earth, as Earth Day is coming up soon! 


In April, we will also be completing our Charlie and the Chocolate Factory novel study and begin looking at different writing forms such as short stories. Students have shown a great interest in creative writing and will be given the opportunity to write their own stories! 


We are very excited to go on a field trip to the Manitoba Museum this month! Stay tuned for pictures. We look forward to another exciting month of learning! 


Here are a few pictures from our Science experiments so far...






Seeing what happens when we rub salt and ice together...




What's happening in March?​


​​​​​​​​​I hope everyone had a fabulous February, reading lots of books and spending time with families and loved ones. We sure had fun reading many different books at school! Thank you again to our guest readers, Mr. Constable Jones and Raquel Dancho for coming into our classroom, sharing your love for reading!​

​During the month of March, we will start to explore some creative writing. Students have been so interested in looking at pictures and talking about them during inquiry, so we are going to take a look at creative story writing. We are also still very excited about our pen pals. We have written our pen pals a letter and are anxiously waiting to receive letters back from them! We also took the time to write as a class to a favourite author of ours, Oliver Jeffers. His books are imaginative and quite humorous! 


We had so much fun testing out our cars last month in Science. Thank you again to Mr. Correia for coming in to test out his very own car with us! We also had fun learning about non-standard measurement last month, and it will continue this month as we are going to further our knowledge by discussing and learning about standard measurement in Math. Students will be learning how to measure using centimetres. Our inquiry study of communities around the world will also be continuing, as we are interested in learning about many more countries and their ways of life.

Thank you again to Janet Caroll for coming in and teaching marbling. Students had a blast learning how to marble and have truly created some beautiful artwork (see pictures below)! This month we look forward to attending the Manitoba Freeze Frame Festival For Kids, which is an organization that is passionate about film! Even though I Love to Read month has come to an end, it is important to continue reading every night for at least 15–20 minutes! Have a wonderful and active spring break!​​

Mr. Correia testing out his very own car.​​​..beep beep!


Check out our neat "marbling" art with artist, Janet Carroll...​​









Wheels... check! Axles... check!


Car Designs in Action...









I Love To Read...


I hope everyone was able to stay warm during the month of January! I know we did at school, as we were learning informational writing style of how to get dressed for recess in the winter. This month is going to be a busy one as it is I Love to Read Month. Students will be participating in many different reading and writing activities during the school day.


A big focus this month will be to express voice within our work, through letter writing and persuasive writing. Students have been learning how to form a friendly letter and have started to write to their pen pals. We have also been reading many books by Oliver Jeffers, and students thought it might be neat idea to write him a letter!

Students have also taken on the role of reading aloud to the other students.

We are excited to announce that our car designs are just about done and we will be testing them out this month! Students have been so creative and innovative in their designs. Speaking of being creative, during the month of February, we want to welcome our Engaging Fusion artist, Janet Carol, as she will be working with our classroom. She is a marbling specialist, so students will get the opportunity to learn and understand marbling, by creating their very own!

February is the month for everyone to show their love for reading! Continue to read every night for 20 minutes. Cuddle up, keep cozy and keep reading! 










Welcome back!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. Thank you again to all the families for coming out to the Winter Concert. What a wonderful afternoon and evening that was! Even though the holidays have come and gone, our classroom will continue to be filled with a lot of joy, as students will get the opportunity to share their holiday journals with the class.

Readers Theatre will be a main focus in January. It is important to practice reading aloud using our voice and speaking in an effective way. We will also be focusing on letter writing, as we will begin to write to our pen pals at the end of the month. We will be furthering our knowledge of position and motion in Science by building our own vehicles, using many different materials.

Our understanding of standard and non-standard place value will continue in Math along with identifying a variety of 2D and 3D shapes. Math conversations and inquiry knowledge building circles will continue throughout the New Year, as students have really enjoyed and progressed at them!


January will be a snowy month, so stay warm by cuddling up inside with a blanket and reading for 20 minutes every night! I look forward to a wonderful learning month this January! Happy New Year!​





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