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Spring is finally here!!!

Room 22 is excited to get outside and explore the environment. By being outside, we will learn more about our community and ways we can help keep it healthy! We are also taking our math outside the classroom, exploring the shapes around us and bringing nature back to the class, so we can use it to build structures!

Enjoy our photo gallery... 


Look! It's a rectangular prism! DSCN2028.JPG

"I see an oval shape!"

"I can touch a pyramid!"

Bringing nature inside! 

We had so much fun! They turned out great!

The Month of May 

The Grade one and two students have been working very hard as the school year winds down. In the month of May we began and finished two new math units! One was on Equality and Inequality and the other was on Data Collection and Graphing. The students had a lot of fun with the data collection aspect as they got to go around the classroom surveying their classmates about various things such as favourite fruits, if they had pets at home, their age, etc.

We also continued on with our unit in Science on Characteristics of Living Things and Animals. The students have been learning about real living things and non-real living things (such as super heroes). We've had discussions and come up with the criteria that living things must breathe, grow and reproduce. We've also began to differentiate between types of animals; such as herbivores, carnivores and omnivores as well as mammals, amphibians, etc. The students had the chance for a more hands-on experience to learn about this when we went to the Assiniboine Park Zoo at the end of May!















The Manitoba

Museum Field Trip

The Grade One and Two students had a lot of fun in April when we went on our field trip to the Manitoba Museum! We began to learn about Growth and Changes in Animals which is our new Science unit! The classes started by learning about how to tell if an animal is a mammal or not, and how to tell if an animal is a carnivore or a herbivore. Then we had the opportunity to see bones of different animals. Finally we had the chance to explore the museum in smaller groups. After lunch all of the students had some free exploration time in the science gallery where we got to build our own cars, try to pull ourselves up with a pulley system, go into a room filled with mirrors and make our own animal movies. It was so much fun! DSCN1641.JPG


























Our School


Community Jobs

The grade one and two students have been very busy in the month of March learning all about jobs in our school community! First we made a list of all the jobs that we knew of in our school. Then we walked around the school and took pictures of people doing their jobs in the school. After that we created a letter and emailed it as an invitation to people in our school to come to our class and tell us about their jobs.

Our first visitor was Mrs. Zubrack who taught us all about being an Inquiry Support Teacher. Then we went to go visit Mr.Vicente's classroom. He explained to us what an L.A.C. classroom was and how their class was very similar to ours. Throughout two weeks we also had Mr.Correia and Mr. Kamara come visit us and let us ask them questions. Hopefully after the break we will have a few more visitors come!

Once we finish with the jobs in our school community we will begin looking at other jobs in our community; such as police officers, fire fighters, etc. If any parents or family members would like to come in and tell us about their job in the community we would love to hear from them!




Engaging Fusion,

Valentine's Day


100 Days of School!

The class had a lot of fun this past month getting to work with Janet Carrol during our engaging fusion block! She showed us how to marble paper, and then we had the opportunity to use our marbled paper to decorate a word catcher as well as a book! The students can't wait to create their own stories in their new books using the words from their word catcher!

The class also had a lot of fun in February celebrating Valentine's Day. We started off with sorting and graphing candy hearts. Next we used our candy hearts as a form of non-standard measurement and measure various pictures. Finally we got to work with a partner and use our candy hearts to create our own addition and subtraction questions. After all of this was finished we got to eat our candy hearts! Yum, yum!

Another big day that happened in February was the 100th day of school! As a class we have been counting how many days we have been at school and we were very excited to make it to 100 day! To celebrate we had 100 day groups. These groups included counting to 100, creating a necklace made up of 100 fruit loops, writing about what we would do if we had $100 and trying to write 100 words!












~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Children's Museum Field Trip

At the end of January Room 22 went on a field trip to the Children's Museum! Our bus dropped us off a little bit early so we had the chance to go for a walk around The Forks! We went along the skating trail till we got to the bridge, where we could look at the warming huts down below and the people skating. Then we walked down to the beginning of the River Trail and had the opportunity to go into one of the warming huts! Finally on our way back to the Children's Museum we saw a Teepee and the students were allowed to go see inside. It was very warm inside!

Once we got to the Children's Museum the students started off in their program called "Measuring Mania" in which we learned about measuring using non-standard measurement. The students each built their own non-standard measurement ruler; using items such as paper clips, beans and macaroni, and practiced measuring items around the room. Once we were finished we had lunch and then we had explore time! The class split into 3 groups and had the chance to explore all the areas in the museum; including the Lasagne play area, the Train and the water station. It was so much fun!














 Non- Standard Measurment

The Grade one and two students have had a wonderful start to the 2016 year! We started off fresh in January with some new and exciting units. In Science we began to look at Characteristics of Objects and Materials. This had us looking at different items in our classroom and trying to figure out what materials they were made of. We then became curious about what materials were most common in items in our classroom and found out that plastic seemed to be the most common!

In Math our new unit is Measurement. We started this unit off by learning about non-standard measurement, and used this new knowledge to measure items around the room using a variety of items such as crayons, cards, and blocks. The students also had the chance to "measure a friend" using two non-standing measurement tools of their choice! It was a lot of fun!

We will be continuing both of these units into February, as well as starting new units in Social Studies and Health. In Social Studies we will be looking at our community; who is in it, what is in it, where is it, etc. In Health we will be looking at personal safety using the Kids in the Know program.

We will also be celebrating 100 days of School in February; it will be a very exciting day that we have been counting towards since the beginning of school!  ​










December Fun in Room 22

The Grade ones and twos had a lot of fun in the month of December with all of the events and fun activities taking place. Between the Winter Concert, the Holiday Make and Take, the Balmoral Hall party, the pancake breakfast and our holiday class party the students were kept super busy!

Luckily we made plenty of time to continue on working in the classroom as well. We were able to make letter blend (sh, ch, th, wh) gingerbread houses, which is a language arts concept that we have been working on to improve our reading and writing. We were also able to continue on with our Five Senses unit in Science and had a fun time with our smell test of different items (coffee, chocolate, crayons, etc) and the class survey we performed after. The students also had the opportunity to use their knowledge of 'Making Ten' in a fun activity using marshmallows!

We hope everyone enjoyed their winter break, and we are very excited to get back into the swing of things at school for the rest of the new 2016 year!






April with our Student Teacher

The Grade 1 and 2 students have been busy in Ms. Thomas’ class in the month of April with our Student Teacher Ms. Stephanie. They had the opportunity to learn all about the Five Senses with some fun activities including a taste test , smell test and a five sense nature walk around our  school field! We had a lot of fun! Ms. Stephanie also taught the students about money, time and non-standard measurement. We will sure miss her now that she is gone, but we wish her luck with her schooling!


In May the class will continue on with our Social Studies inquiry about our Community. We will have some guest speakers come into our class, as well as get the chance to go on a Community walk scavenger hunt! We will also be starting a new Math unit on equality and inequality and finishing up our Engaging Fusion sessions with Shira. We can’t wait to see our finished Claymation videos!








The grade 1 and 2 students have been busy learning more about Canada with our student teacher Ms. Stephanie. They focused on where Canada was located on a map, what Canadian symbols are and what nationality means. In the month of March the students also finished up their units on Personal Safety and 2D and 3D Shapes. The students had the opportunity to have some fun on St. Patrick’s Day by sorting and categorizing Lucky Charm Marshmallows and then graphing their results.

Starting in April Ms. Stephanie has been focusing on math and science with the students with units on Measurement and Five Senses. The students are also welcoming back Shira with the Engaging Fusion program in which we will be continuing to work on our Claymation Videos; integrating our travel theme as well as position and motion.




The Grade 1 and 2 students had a lot of fun celebrating 100 days of school in the month of February! The students practiced writing their numbers from 1 to 100, they came up with 100 words, they wrote a story about what they would do if they had $100 and they counted out 100 fruit loops to create a fruit loop necklace to take home!

The class also had a lot of fun on Valentine’s Day at school as we used candy hearts to do our math that day! First students had to sort and graph a pile of candy hearts to see which colour they had the most of and which colour they had the fewest of. Next the students worked with a partner to use their candy hearts to create math addition questions. Finally the students were able to eat their candy hearts before heading to the school dance!






The students in Room 22 have started the 2015 year off great so far! We began with starting a new unit on Patterns in Math. We have been practicing making patterns using colours, shapes, sounds and actions! The students have also begun to learn to about growing patterns, which can be very tricky!  We practice our patterns everyday with our marble jar count to 100 day! We have all become experts on "cores" of patterns!

This month the students have also 'left' Mexico and have flown across the ocean to learn about Italy! While creating a KWL Chart (things we Know, thing we Want to know, and things we have Learned) we have realized that we don't know a lot about Italy except that they have pizza and spaghetti there! I class can't wait to find out more!



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