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Room 23

It seems hard to believe but one month of the school year has already come and gone. This past month the students in Room 23 have spent time getting to know one another and learning classroom routines. I would like to extend a special thank-you to all the families who were able to attend the Meet the Staff event this past month. If you were unable to make it out please feel free to drop by the classroom, or arrange a meeting through the office. Attendance at events such as this, play a critical role in developing the home-school relationship and play an important role in your child’s education.


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​Room 23 News

One of the highlights of this past month for our classroom was designing and creating model skateboards. The purpose of this activity was to broaden our understanding of how wheels and axles work during our study of Position and Motion (one of the clusters in the grade two sciences curriculum).

The students made the skateboards using one of their feet as the template, and then personalizing the design of the "deck". They then decided upon whether they would use fixed axles (the wheels spin), or fixed wheels (the axles spin). The students then tested their skateboards, and made modifications to improve the performance of their skateboards.

The final activities involved the students creating posters aimed at "marketing" their skateboards to their classmates, and then presenting to the class why someone would want to purchase their skateboard.

A great time was had during this project that integrated varied subject areas (Mathematics, ELA, Science, Technology and Art), and allowed for a practical application to a specific learning outcome.

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 February 2016

This month Room 23 has the pleasure of working with Engaging Fusion artist Janet Carroll. Ms. Carroll is an accomplished local artist who is a master of working with paper in many forms. The class will learn the techniques of marbling, cover design and book making, and utilize the final product to showcase our in-class learning.




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