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January Moments

Mindful movement

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Book Buddies

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Compatible pairs

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Being still

We continue to learn and grow together!

First Days of School in Room 7

by Mrs. Lori Klassen

Wow!  Thanks to all the families and students of Room 7 for making this a great first week of school!

We have learned so much!  We have shown ourselves to be kind and smart and important to each other.  We have learned 3-star listening; eyes on the speaker, mouths are closed, hands are in your lap.

We are subitizing, going outside for recess, singing songs, listening to stories, learning power words, body spelling power words, using Dreambox, colouring pictures, counting collections and so so much more!


Room 7 learners have been engaging their energy and minds with colour!  With the division's Engaging Fusion artist, Alejandra Diaz, we are thinking about the 7 sacred teachings and what they mean to us and representing this by choosing a colour for each teaching.  Each learner has their own reasons why red may represent love to them and green represents honesty.  The coloured paper is attached to canvas via paper mache method and figures are also made with this artistic method.  As we work with this art form we are being mindful of what the 7 teachings mean in our lives personally.  When have we shown honesty?  Where could we show more courage?  

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It was good to get back together as a community of learners after our winter break.  We had a full first week of learning and all of us displayed signs of our exhaustion at times but we are getting smarter every day!

The first week back had some bitterly cold days so we had indoor recesses which were made full of fun and learning by Mr. Thomas who taught the class how to make boats out of paper and then the boat makers tested to see if their boats floated or not. It was discovered that, yes, paper folded into a boat floats!

Our top 3 Dreambox Scholars were Riley, Tian and Maxim. This achievement is based on number of completed lessons during the week.

We ended our week back with a sharing circle where the topic was, "What I learned about the mission of addition." Most students shared about the commutative property of addition. For example, Jacob shared this: " I learned that if 7 and 3 is 10, then 3 and 7 is 10." Others shared their knowledge of adding doubles.
Each person who shared received a chocolate chip cookie and then it was time to bring out the treasure chest for our weekly draw from the SAFE ticket box.

I feel that we all felt good about being back together again.
Please feel free to email me or talk to me at the school anytime if you have any concerns about your child's day at school.


​What a wonderful time I had during Student /Parent/Teacher conferences in November.  It was wonderful to see how proudly students shared their learning with the people they live with who are so important to them.  Mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters all shared in the adventure.  Students counted with the rekenrek, read their power word lists and power word poems and showed off their work on the bulletin boards and in their folders.

I know that you are all very busy and I so appreciate that you took the time to get a glimpse into the school life of your child.  If you have any questions about our school day I am always open to chatting with you at the school or on email at


Reading with a Champion!

Room 7 was very excited to receive a personal visit from Edmonton Eskimo Eddie Steele, a Grey Cup Champion born and raised in Winnipeg.  He brought a positive energy and message to us about pursuing your dreams and working hard in school to help those dreams come true.

Room 7 students were eager to hug him and so a big football huddle-like hug occurred.  It was a moment to remember!

Steele photo.JPG


Students brainstormed what they know about the Earth. They suggested ways of taking care of Mother Earth.











May update:


April was a great month! The students were very lucky and had the opportunity to attend the Sounds of Spring concert and Arts in the Heart of the City. The students also really enjoyed attending their field trip to the Assiniboine Zoo. Students celebrated Earth Day which was on April 22nd. Remember the 6 R’s (Rethink, Reduce, Refuse, Reuse, Recycle, and Repair).

In Math the students are continuing their knowledge in adding and subtracting numbers from 0-100. They will also learn about measurement using standard and non-standard units.

In Science the students are going to learn about Position and Motion and the Changing Seasons.

In Language Arts the students are focusing on writing skills such as story writing, including more details while writing, punctuation, capitalization, and leaving finger spaces in-between words.

In Social Studies students are going to continue to discuss different transportation in our community.

In May the students will be going on a field trip to the Children’s Museum. Keep working hard and always try your best!


April update:

We hope that everyone had a great Spring Break! I would first like to really take this opportunity to thank Ms. P for all the hard work she has done with the students for the last several months. As well a big thank you to the students for leading the student-led conferences which were a great success!

The students’ hard work and effort in learning the lyrics and actions for the River Safety presentation was presented as they did an outstanding job singing their song at the assembly.

In March students brought forth their ideas and as a class we created a Human Rights page for Freedom. Students were also very lucky and had the opportunity to learn about agriculture from a guest farmer during the Canadian Agriculture Literacy Week. Students continue to show empathy towards others and have spent lots of time this month learning about this theme and how to treat others respectfully.

In April students will continue to learn about math measurements and problem solving strategies such as making a graph and drawing a picture.

In Language Arts students will continue working with reading and comprehension strategies such as finding the main idea and summarizing.

In Science and Social Studies we will be exploring our community and its agriculture and the importance of plants and seeds in Manitoba. ​ 



March update:

We would like to welcome two new students and our new ​pet fish to our classroom family. All of the students in class have been working very hard this last month on their academics and we are very pleased with their behaviour and attitude towards school and each other. Thank you to Shira from Engaging Fushion who is teaching our students about animation and relating it to our Science unit on ears.                                                

In Math, students will continue working on problem of the day and math vocabulary and this will be implemented daily to aid children in word problem comprehension. Daily use is the key to mastery.  We will continue using different strategies in addition and subtraction such as front end, compatible numbers, split strategy and jumping to ten. Lastly we will intensify our personalized math instruction by constantly encouraging and monitoring student’s performance in Dreambox.

In Language Arts students will continue to work on learning Daily 5, station-based learning, and their basic sight and spelling words. Students are becoming more independent in their reading and we will continue to improve on this skill through a program called Raz Kids. We encourage all parents/guardians to allow their child to use this program at home and register in this program so they can see their child’s progress. In writing students will be encouraged to increase the number of sentences they use in their work and to improve on their writing skills.

In Social Studies students will be learning about our community and we will start learning about the Wolf and humility as it relates to the 7 Teachings.

Our goal for the month is:





Learning number sense with the use of manipulatives​.

Students practicing their sight words.



Our class vision.


Pattern friendship bracelets. 




February update:

Students in class liked that they could share their love of reading with their friends from around the school during the "I Love to Read Month" activities. As well students enjoyed making their hair all crazy for spirit week. Students have done a good job discussing ​characteristics of bears and creating their stories for Engaging Fusion. In math, we will continue working with our daily math five focusing on developing student’s skills on constructing and interpreting concrete and pictograph to solve problems, organizing data and measuring length and weight. Daily mini lessons on shapes and space are also employed to strengthen understanding of geometry. Students will also continue improving their reading and writing skills, learning about their community, and recognizing the importance of dental hygiene. In Science, we will continue working with our research based strategies to strengthen comprehension skills such as entry journals and graphic summaries in our study of position and motion and also engaging children to activities that develop sense of space. First graders will continue to explore the five senses by using hands on approach, inquiry based strategies in order to refine their observation skills.


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