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ESY (Early School Years)

ESY Team: Ms. Connie, Ms. Poettcker, Ms. Galego and Ms. Mowez
Early School Years - Nusery and Kindergarten
The Early School Years Program is offered in six Inner City Schools (Fort Rouge, Mulvey, William Whyte, Pinkham, Wellington, and Niji Mahkwa), to provide an enriched educational enviroment for children in nursery and kindergarten. The primary focus is language development and supporting parents in their involvement in the educational process of their children.
The Early Years Program at PinkhamSchool is staffed with a teacher, an educational assistant and a home learning assistant. The teacher is specialized in early childhood development. As well the ESY team attends professional development sessions each year with a focus on early years education.
The goals of the program are:
  • To enhance receptive and expressive language skills
  • To enhance children's social and emotional development
  • To increase parental involvement in the education of their children

Parental Involvement

Involvement of parents is important in early years. A child's first and most important teacher is his or her own parents. Communication between parents and teacher is essential. It is very important for your child to know that you support him/her in his/her education. Your support can be shown in a number of ways. These include helping out at school wide events (I love to read activities, Multicultural Day...), chaperoning field trips, reading to your child every day, and sending snacks for special events. Attending parent-teacher conferences, participating in student-led conferences and being involved with Susan Galego for a home visit are great ways to connect with your child and their classroom.

Home Learning Assistant

Susan Galego, our home learning assistant, continues this connection between school and home by providing home visits. Susan brings educational activities to your home and works with you and your child. Susan can also provide information on community resources and child development.

Lending Library

The ESY program provides a lending library for Nursery and Kindergarten families. The selection includes educational toys, games, books, parent magazines, math bags and story sacks. Stop by and take a look!


The Nursery program is from 9:00 until 11:30 am.

The Kindergarten program is from 1:00 until 3:30 pm.

If your child is going to be absent from school please inform the office. If we do not hear from you by 9:20/1:20 we will be contacting you to find out if your child will be attending school that day.

Home Reading Books

Beginning in September or early October home reading books will be sent home with your child. Please use this time to read with your child. Here are some helpful hints when you read with your child:

  1. Discuss the picture throughout the book especially the cover. Try to guess what the book will be about.
  2. Let your child read the book to you, even if they appear to be reciting the book from memory or they are making up a new story from the pictures.
  3. Ask various questions about what happened in the book.
  4. Praise your child and tell them what a good job they did while reading. Smiles, hugs, or pats on the back are always good! A family story routine before bed is an excellent idea.

Overall, Nursery and Kindergarten are a time of growing socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually. Parent involvement, interest and enthusiasm help make this a wonderful year of growth for children. Take a moment to imagine the world of the Nursery and Kindergarten child: letters, numbers, stories, sharing blocks, water table, sand activities, puzzles, play, paint and playdough - just to name a few. Imagination and creativity are everywhere. Talk with your child about their day and celebrate their best effort on the work they do.

Remember during the early years, school is a journey!

Many times the process is more important than the product and learning is accomplished by doing, touching, and experiencing.


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