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Room 118

This classroom serves students in Kindergarten and Grade One. In addition to pre-academic or academic instruction, the students require instruction in social skills, support for their emotional development, and support in general preschool development. The classroom model is self-contained with integration into regular education classes whenever appropriate.

 Our goal is to maximize the students' potential in the following areas:

Communication skills


Social skills 

School coping skills

Emotional stability


We will achieve these goals through individual educational programming and intensive staffing supports to prepare students to transition into regular education classes or other special education classrooms.

Academic and social teaching will be a combination of Kindergarten and Grade one curriculum with an understanding of age and developmental appropriate skills and outcomes.  Many students learn best through hands on experience and small group instruction.  Academic skills will be taught there center based activities and flexible groupings.

The first term, students in Room 118 have been working on classroom routines and expectations, visiting places in our school community, designing and building and achieving grade level curricular outcomes.

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