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Room 12 Grade 1/2

Thank you to all the parents and families who helped us to learn about our family history and identity. The boys and girls in room 12 and 13 did a fantastic job on their writing and presenting their family story. Any families from room 12 and 13 interested in viewing the video can stop in room 13 at 3:30 pm throughout the month of May, 2017. Room 12 students will be learning about plant and animal life cycles and the human body. We have already started by planting some seeds in our classroom. We cannot wait to watch them grow! Can you guess what we planted? We will also be watching some animals grow in our classroom. We have a few baby guppy fish in our class. Right now, they are very tiny and colourless, but we will be observing them everyday to see how they change. We will also be going on our very first field trip of the school year. We were lucky enough to receive a free field trip to Oak Hammock Marsh, thanks to the Talbot Foundation. This field trip came at the perfect moment because we will get to do more hands-on learning about plants and animals found in Manitoba’s marshes. ​


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