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Print Media

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The Print Media Program

If you are interested in creating designs for business cards, brochures, calendars,
t-shirts, etc. and want to be part of one of the largest employers in the world
and desire knowledge in bringing these designs to print, then Print Media is the
program for you.
The skills taught in this program are prepress, printing (offset & screen) and
postpress (bindery). Prepress involves the learning of Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop
and InDesign programs, and learning how to set up files to be printed.
Printing on the offset press or screen printing is where a printing plate or a printing
screen is made from the file and printed on to paper or fabric. Finishing
of the printed paper product which could involve cutting, stapling, folding or
gluing is performed in bindery.
The program consists of 80% computer, 15% printing, and 5% bindery. You’ll be
working on state of the art Mac computers, utilizing the current Adobe programs
which are used in the industry today. There is nothing you cannot create
using the Adobe programs; the possibilities are endless.
Students work independently from pre-determined assignments.

Career Opportunities

• Magazine and Newspaper Companies
• Offset and Flexo Printing Companies
• Book Publishing Companies
• Packaging Companies (Paper, Plastic and Cardboard)
• Prepress Trade Houses
• Any establishment that develops their own printed products
• Screen Print Companies



Grade 9
The Grade 9 course is designed as an introduction
to print production. The students are introduced to
prepress, printing and post-press (bindery) through
various assignments.
.5 Credit

Grade 10
The Grade 10 course is designed for a more in-depth
study of the various Adobe programs and learning
the terminology used in the printing industry. The
students will be studying Print Production Fundamentals
along with Basic Design. Students will learn
how to create designs to be printed for the various
print mediums (offset, flexography, screen printing).
1 Credit

Grade 11
The Grade 11 course is designed for advanced understanding
of the Adobe programs (Illustrator, Photoshop
and InDesign), offset printing, screen-printing
and bindery. The students will be studying Design,
Prepress, Print Production and Reproduction Methods.
Various techniques in designing for offset, flexography
and screen-printing will also be taught.
Other print media principles introduced at this
course level are color trapping, bleeds, printing with
half-tones, CMYK printing process, the Pantone ink
system, etc.
3 Credits

Grade 12
Students at this course level will be engaged in Advanced
Design, Prepress, Print Production and
Applied Graphics. Students that are confident and
competent, and have the right work ethic, will also
have the opportunity for mentorship, work practicum,
and working on customer jobs in either designing
or printing. Students will have the opportunity
to make their own resumes and portfolios to help
them gain employment.
4 Credits

Successful graduates can be employed in entry level positions in computer design, pre-press (offset or flexo), printing (offset/digital) or in bindery. The graduating students will be capable of furthering their knowledge in either post-secondary or in the industry itself.


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