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Welding Technology


The Welding Technology Program

The Welding Technology Program provides graduate students with the necessary
skills to enter the workforce as an apprentice, or to pursue post-secondary
education at a community college or university.
The Welding Technology Program is a four year program that begins with Grade
9 instruction. Students will study and practice a wide variety of welding techniques
and metal fabrication. Graduating students will be eligible for the Canadian
Welding Bureau certification.
Mathematical, written, oral, problem solving skills, and the ability to see projects
through to completion will be stressed throughout the program so that students
are well equipped for future employment.
In conjunction with the R.B. Russell Technology Lab, students will acquire trade
related computer skills and learn to design and create CNC programs. These
designs will then be cut on our state of the art CNC Plasma Cam ensuring that
students are well prepared for the modern workplace.

Career Opportunities

• Fabricated Metal Manufacturing
• Transportation Equipment Manufacturing
(Motor Vehicle Body and Parts, Ship and Boat Building)
• Farm Machinery Manufacturing
• Mining Machinery Manufacturing
• Architectural and Structural Metals Manufacturing
• Construction
• Maintenance Welding
• Welding Inspectors
• Welding Instructors
• Welding Supplies Sales Personnel


Grade 9

The Grade 9 course is designed as an introduction
to the metal trade. It will provide students with an
understanding of Heavy Industry work, principles,
safety, and welding fundamentals. Students will fabricate
small welding projects to determine whether
or not they wish to pursue this program for the next
three years.
.5 Credit

Grade 10

The Grade 10 course will focus on the Gas Metal Arc
Welding process. Students will gain an understanding
of fusion welding procedures. Students will learn
to weld, lap and tee joints, study measurement and
layout, metal fabrication, equipment operation and
welding techniques.
1 Credit

Grade 11

The Grade 11 course will concentrate on OxyAcetylene
safety procedures, cutting and welding processes.
Students will learn to read patterns, blueprints
and a variety of welding symbols. Emphasis will be
placed on the fabrication process and the basics of
Shielded Metal Arc Welding.
3 Credits

Grade 12

The Grade 12 course is centered on Gas Metal Arc
Welding and Shielded Metal Arc Welding in various
positions, advanced welding projects, and preparation
for the Canadian Welding Bureau certification.
Obtaining the C.W.B. ticket will allow students to
enter the workforce in entry level welding positions.​
Graduates of the program may also select to further
their studies at a post-secondary institution.
4 Credits

Canadian Welding Bureau testing (yearly)
Written tests covering theory, related math and science skills.​


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