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Code of Conduct

Respect, Belonging, Responsibility

With these rights, comes the responsibility to respect the rights of others and to become actively involved in your own Academic and Vocational learning.


Students have the right to be in school and while attending it is expected that all students will respect themselves, others, the building, its contents and follow the school’s code of conduct.
— Weapons, as “weapons” defined in section 2 of the Criminal Code (Canada) are prohibited. 
— Students and staff must adhere to school policies respecting appropriate use of electronic mail and the Internet, 
including the prohibition of accessing, uploading, downloading or distributing material that the school has determined to be objectionable; and 
— Possession and/or use of alcohol, controlled substances, mood ​altering substances, or misuse of prescription drugs will result in the following consequences:
— Any student under the influence will be reported to the Principal, Vice-Principal or in case of their absence, the teacher-in-charge. The Principal, Vice-Principal or teacher-in-charge will arrange to have the student taken home; will normally contact the parents and will arrange for a conference with the student upon his/her re-entry. The student will be suspended for one full day and up to two additional days.
— A second offense will result in an automatic three day suspension followed by a re-entry conference. The student will be required to seek counselling assistance as a condition of remaining in school.
— Any student who is seriously incapacitated and creates a disturbance in the school will receive a suspension of three days and up to two additional days.
— Sale or attempted sale of alcohol, controlled substances, mood altering substances or prescription drugs will result in suspension and police will be notified. The period of suspension will be five days with a possible extension by consultation with the Superintendent.


Every person has the right to an education in a safe, accepting environment. Learning can only happen when we feel safe. The following will not be tolerated:
— Bullying, harassment and discrimination. 
— On the basis of any characteristic set out in subsection 9(2) of The Human Rights Code, students are expected to follow the code of conduct and behave in ways which will ensure a sense of belonging for everyone. 


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