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105 - Grade 5,6

Language Arts

In Language Arts this year students will be expected to read a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts. They will learn to express their ideas through many different forms including predicting, understanding and connecting text to their personal experiences and prior knowledge. In terms of writing students will be focusing on the 6 +1 traits which are ideas, organization, voice, word choice, sentence fluency and conventions. They will also be expected to produce different forms of writing which include persuasive, sequential and narrative writing. 


In Math this year students are expected to learn several strands which include place value, basic arithmetic, algebra, fractions, space and shape and probability. Students will also be given opportunities to improve their mental math skills as well as communication in mathematics. Students will be assessed through both formative and summative evaluations.  


In Science this year student will be studying the following units Weather, Flight, Space and Diversity of Living Things. Science will be mostly inquiry based and students will be expected to create projects based upon the material being taught.

Social Studies

In Social Studies this year students will focus Peoples and stories of Canada to 1867. The topics that we will look at this year in social studies include: First Peoples, Early European Colonization, the Fur Trade and Confederation. 


In Ojibwe this year students will be learning how to say numbers, the months according to the lunar calendar, family members, animals, action words and weather. While learning Ojibwe students will also be involved in cultural activities and view points from a First Nation perspective.


Students in Health will be studying the Wellness Wheel, Mindfulness, Kids in the Know, Family Life, Drug and Alcohol Education and Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyles.


Homework packages and home reading will be given throughout the year. Once a student finishes their homework package or home reading they can bring it back to school so they can receive another package or book.

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