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P1 - Grade 1,2

It is a privilege to be teaching grade 1/2!

One of the major factors that will help your child to succeed in school is your support and his/her presence at school. I cannot stress this enough. Please ensure that when your child is healthy, he/she is at school and on time.

The grade1/2 language arts curriculum includes: reading, writing, speaking, viewing and representing. The activities include: morning message, journal writing, guided reading, letter/sound recognition, hearing and recording sounds, one to one match and tracking, building a sight word bank for reading and spelling and listening to and retelling stories. Home reading mandatory and should be done on a daily basis.

The grade 1/2 mathematics program includes: mental math strategies, patterns and relations (sorting, patterns using one attribute, patterns with more than one attribute, extending patterns), measurement (using non-standard units to measure length, circumference, volume and area as well as time), geometry( 2 and 3 dimensional objects), number concepts and operations ( rote counting, counting forward and back, place value, addition and subtraction and statistics and probability( collecting and organizing data and graphs).

In science we will be working on characteristics and needs of living things, the senses, daily and seasonal changes and characteristics of objects and materials.

The social studies program includes: belonging in my world my community and citizenship.


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