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P3 - Grade 1,2,3

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Grade 1,2,3! I am looking forward to a great school year with all of my P3 students! If you are wondering what we will be up to in our classroom for the year, please read my short overview below.

Language Arts

P3 students have already begun a review of their letters and sounds as well as how to properly form letters. We will also continue to build on our sight word vocabulary using the Beverley Tyner program.

This year we will read daily in small groups focused on your child's individual needs and level. Your child's reading level will be assessed using the Fountas and Pinell Benchmark Assessment. We will also continue to work on our word attack strategies. This will allow your child to decode while reading and support sounding out while writing. Please read with your child for 20 minutes each day as the more opportunities your child has to read will make them more successful in school.  Watch for our new home reading bags to start coming home the last week of September!

We will be journaling on a weekly basis and focusing the 6 traits of writing for both fiction and non-fiction writing. Children will be assessed using WSD's writing continuum.


Grade One and Two's are working towards counting backwards and forwards from 0 to 100 starting at any point, counting by 2's, 5's, and 10's. We will also be working on mental math strategies including one more and one less; making 10 and using doubles for addition and subtraction. Grade Three's are working on counting to 1000 as well as adding and subtracting larger numbers. They will also have mental math strategies reinforced while building new ones. Your child will be assessed based on the WSD Math Pathway. Please find time to count with your child during their time at home as this will help build counting fluency. Also watch for math games to be sent home for you and your child to enjoy together. We will also be using the JUMP Math program with students across all grades to strengthen and extend math skills.

Students will use Dreambox Learning as a math center in our classroom. Please watch for login information in the communication folder as this can also be played at home.


We will be starting a Science Unit on Materials and Structures to begin the year. We will also be looking at the Air, Water and Soil cycles in the environment.  In the spring we will be exploring Growth and Changes in Plants and Animals, with a visit to the zoo in the Spring. We will be exploring some of our science experiences through use of the inquiry cycle and be doing various experiments during the school year. Students will be assessed based on rubrics for completed projects, class assignments, collaboration and critical thinking skills found in the Cluster 0 of the science curriculum.

Social Studies

We have already begun our Social Studies unit about belonging while we build a safe and respectful classroom. We are also exploring all about ourselves, what our families look like and the similarities and differences between us. We will continue throughout the year to make connections to the environment surrounding the school and our local community, including community walks. We will also be studying other communities in Canada and comparing them to ours. Students will build basic mapping skills as well as directionality. Students will be assessed based on rubrics for completed projects, class assignments, collaboration and critical thinking skills found in the Cluster 0 of the Social Studies curriculum.

As a part of our Social Studies unit about Canada and our communities, we will also be learning about our Indigenous culture by learning the Ojibwe language. In October, students will begin learning basic language and taking part in traditional teachings based on the Ojibwe Indigenous culture.


Students will complete the "Kids in the Know" program about safety and making good decisions before winter break. After the break we will build on this by exploring the "Second Step" program. We will also be using the "Mind Up" Curriculum all year to teach students about self-regulation and self-awareness.

Throughout the school year we will be tying our learning into various art projects and using technology as a way to present our learning.

If at any time you have questions or concerns about your child, or would like to volunteer in our classroom, please contact me either by phone (204) 589-7355, at or in person at the school.

I look forward to a great learning year with your children. Have a great fall!

Krista Goring

P3 Classroom teacher


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