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Artists in the School

Artists in the School
Stop Animation

Over two weeks in January, the students of River Elm participated in Artists in the School, and got the opportunity to create stop animation films.  Each day, one class spent the entire school day with Charles in room 205, where they created their movies.  They even had to miss gym, music and computer!  First the students had to create a storyboard - what their movie was going to be about.  Planning what you're going to do is an important step no matter what you're working on!  Next they created their setting and characters using a variety of materials such as paper, plastercine, and cardboard.  Then the students took pictures using a document camera while slowly moving their characters around little by little.  Once they had all of their pictures taken, they used a program called iMovie to begin to put their film together.  They had to delete pictures that were blurry or that still had fingers or hands in them!  Everyone got to include audio in their movie for sound effects, and some groups even recorded their voices into the video. Some things that were difficult were moving the characters slowly, and sticking to the storyboard!  It seems like everyone enjoyed making their characters and setting.  Finally we got to have a big assembly in the gym where we watched everyone's videos and they were great.  We really enjoyed Artists in the School and want to thank Charles for helping us out! 

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Just Dance
Uptown funk you up..... River Elm just couldn't get enough dance time in the gym! A big shout out to Miss Janelle and Mr. E for teaching us about rhythm, focus, and movement for our spring Artists in the School. Each class got five classes to practice their moves which consisted of a group choreographed dance, and individual free style. We saw cart wheels, lifts, spins, fancy foot work, and even the worm! At the end of the two weeks, we had a whole-school dance recital for each class to show their dance.  Everyone had a blast.  This was a great opportunity for everyone to let loose and show off their personal flair!


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