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Seeds of Empathy

The kindergarten students are lucky enough to be involved in a program called Seeds of Empathy.  The program involves learning about the needs of a baby, how a baby grows, and actually visiting with a baby.  One of the new mom's from the community brings the baby to our school once a month so that the kindergarten students can see for themselves how much the baby has grown, and how his needs have changed.  They all talk about how the baby is feeling, and what new skills he may have developed.  A lot of the kindergarten students want to know what the baby is eating!  One of the important activities the students get to do, is to measure the baby using blocks.  They measure how tall he has grown from month to month.  They usually make predictions about how tall the baby will be on the following visit.  Seeds of Empathy is a wonderful program that teaches the kindergarten students about emotions development.

Some kindergarten students watching closely to see what the  baby is going to do next!




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