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Home Learning Assistance Program

“From Home to School” 

The Elmwood Home Learning Assistance Program (EHLAP) has been operating since September, 2003. In the first four months of operation the EHLAP has had 140 families on caseload providing strategies and support to enhance the family’s ability to facilitate their child’s school-readiness.
The results from the Early Development Instrument (EDI) for the Elmwood Community show a significant need for the EHLAP in our community. Of particular concern is the significant increase in vulnerable children in the areas of social, emotional and language development.
Committed to recognizing the abilities of children, we will develop partnerships with each other and the community in an honest and unbiased manner.

In recognizing the strengths of children and families we will work in an honest, respectful and approachable manner to assist families to facilitate school readiness.
The EHLAP is a pilot early intervention program to help prepare Nursery and Kindergarten students for Grade 1. The Home Learning Assistants (HLA) will work with families to:

Provide resources and strategies for enhancing development.
Encourage family involvement in a child’s learning
Establish a supportive and non-threatening link between home and school.

The five schools involved in the program are Kent Road (669-1228), Glenelm (667-8534), River Elm (667-9006), Lord Selkirk (667-8495), and George V School (669-4482). Each school has been assigned a part-time HLA for the school year.

HLAs provide family visits on a regular basis. Visits focus an academic area – highlighting the objectives in the classroom and suggestions for reinforcing skills at home. In addition, areas of specific skill-building for a child are identified by the parent or on the child’s Comprehensive Assessment Program score, or Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ) completed at intake. General parenting and family issues are discussed and referrals to additional supports are encouraged as needed. HLAs are available on a follow-up basis for families who want less frequent contact.

There is an open referral process – administrators, teachers, school and community professionals, HLAs and family members are welcome to identify a child they would like to become involved in the program. The HLA will discuss referrals with the classroom teacher for their recommendations.
The EHLAP offers a variety of community programs, such as the Parent-Child Mother Goose Program. See our newsletter or ask at the school office for more information.​

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