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Language Arts reading.jpg

Starfall                            TumbleBooks       Power Proof Reading
Spelling City                      Wacky Tales        Sqool Tube
Topmarks *NEW*               RazKids


ABC Order                        Starfall ABC                        Connect the Dots
Alphabet Action               Topmarks

MATH math.jpg

Hoodamath                    Smarty Games           dreambox.png

Math Games                     SubTangent
Math Playground             Math Apprentice           Mr. Bartons Math
Top Marks *NEW*            Math Video Instructions     Cool-math


Alpha Munchies                Cup Stacking                   Typing Rocket
Test your WPM                Keyboard Zoo


CBC Kids                             Planet Science                        KidsHealth
PBS Kids                           SFS Kids - Fun with Music            Nickelodeon Jr.
Kids National Geographic      Earth Rangers                        Wild Kratts     
Disney Playhouse                   Fun Brain                                 ABCya
Wordle                                   Tagxedo                     Garfield Cyber Safety
Turtle Diary                          Fuel the Brain                     Mr. Nussbaum
Scholastic                             Story Bird                           Sesame Street
Coloring Pages                          Arkive                                 Math-Play
Graph Maker                           BrainPop                          Sweet Search


Light up the House               Decorate a Tree         Gingerbread House   
Civiballs Christmas              Escape - North Pole              Xmas Sugar Sugar
You're a Mean One               Couple of Misfits                Christmas Lights
Polar Express                      Frosty the Snowman         Olive the Other Reindeer

ROOM 114

Fish Aquarium                              Puffer Fish Video                 Fish Facts
Frog Flicker                                    Frog Facts                        Leopard Frog Sounds
Golden Frogs                              Tropical Forest Frogs            Frogs vs Toads

Frog Life Cycle                           Top 10 Frog Facts                  Frog Life Stages
Frog Life Cycle Game                 Frog Life Cycle Label

ROOM 115

Patterns                                 Patterns 2                    Adding Games

ROOM 120

Hibernation                                    Spiders                          
Animals that Hibernate                   Bats                                Spider Hunting Videos
Subtraction Fruit                            Subtraction Fish               Subtraction Questions
Balloon Pop Subtraction                  Fish Hook Subtraction       Race Car Subtraction
Frog Flicker                                 Wild Kratts Frog Facts
Leopard Frog Sounds                      Golden Frog                      Tropical Forrest Frogs
Frogs vs Toads                               Frog Life Cycle                  Top 10 Frog Facts
Frog Life Stages Audio                   Frog Life Cycle Game         Frog Life Cycle Label
Shapes Bingo                                Shapes Construction           Fuzz Bugs Graphing
Simple Addition                              Alien Pairs          

ROOM 121

Canada Map                    Continents and Oceans                 Grow a Plant

Plant Video                     Additon Games                            Plant Page

More Additon Games         Math Robot Addition                 Equivalent Fractions

Fractions Videos               Comparing Fractions                  Fraction Games

Coin PracticeCountry TIME           Country National Geographic        World Book Online 

Natural Resources           Country DUCKSTERS                  Robot Math Time

ABCya Time Telling            Bang on Challenge                  Time Telling Quiz

Making o'clock                   Temperature Practice             How Hot/Cold

Sorting by Temperature       Coin Practice                          Make a Dollar

Lemonade Stand Money       Making Change                    Egypt Word Search

Egyptian Math                        Roald Dahl                      Post Master Math

Dinosaur Drop Math                Make 20                       Two Digit Challenge

Guess My Number *Challenge*   


ROOM 122

Addition Games                   More Addition Games                     Robot Addition

Plant Exploration                 Grow a Plant                                 Fire Safety Quiz

Subtraction Fruit                 Subtraction Fish                            Subtraction Questions

Balloon Pop Subtraction       Fish Hook Subtraction                  Race Car Subtraction

Shark Number P.V.              Penguin P.V.                                   Dinosaur P.V

Catch 10 P.V                        Numbers to 1000 P.V                       Dolphin P.V

Learning Box P.V                    Base 10 Blocks P.V                        Rescue P.V.

Firework P.V                        Aboriginal Homes                         Aboriginal Homes 2

Aboriginal Homes 3              Fraction Videos                             Equivalent Fractions

Comparing Fractions            Fraction Games                               Equivalent Bingo

Fraction Fling                        Coin Practice                                  Make a Dollar      

Money Bingo                     Analog Digital Match                           ABCya Time Telling

Making O'Clock                  Time Telling Quiz                             Hickory Dickory Dock

Egypt Mummification           Find HQ Pyramid                           Escape Mummys Tomb

Make a Mummy                   Egypt Puzzles

All about Magnets

ROOM 201

Solar System                             Canada Map                          Continents and Oceans
Planets Quiz                             Planet Research                     Equivalent Fractions
Fraction Videos                        Comparing Fractions               Fraction Games
Place Value 1                          Xtra Math                               Provincial Symbols
Provincial Fun Facts                Province Links                          Climate (some)
Facts by Province                    Links to Statistics                    Canada Facts

ROOM 202

Place Value 1                       Place Value 2                     Habitats

Aboriginal Communities        Fraction Games                 Equivalent Fraction Game

More Equivalent Fractions     More Fraction Games        Fraction Fun

Angle Degrees                      Angle Skills


ROOM 203

Marshland Animals               Habitats                   Perimeter unit game

Perimeter add up                Basketball Perimeter          Canada Map Games

My Canada                         Treasure Trek                     Assiniboine Park Zoo


ROOM 204

Continents and Oceans              Provincial Symbols                   Provincial Fun Facts

Province History                     Province Climate (some)             Facts by Province

Links to Province Info             Canada Facts                               French Games

Weather Game

Math IXL 4                                   Math IXL 5


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