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Physical Education Program

​All of the students from Grades 1-6 take part in the physical education program with a physical education teacher. The philosophy of the physical education program is to expose the students to as many different sports and activities as possible. The activity is changed approximately every second week to keep the children interested and excited about coming to the gym.

Although the students are exposed to a variety of skills, skill acquisition is not the primary objective. The primary objectives are effort, participation, co-operation and sportsmanship (fair play). Skill acquisition is still encouraged and welcomed, but not at the expense of the students' enjoyment.

Some of the activities that are included on a yearly basis are the traditional sports such as soccer, baseball, volleyball and basketball. Other less traditional activities will be juggling, cup-stacking, dance, cross-country skiing, speed skating and snow-shoeing. 

There are 40 weeks in the school year, which means we will be trying about 20 different activities. One of the larger and more important components of the physical education program is Fitness. This is not done as a 2 week unit, but rather as an ongoing activity throughout the year. Once a month the students do a fit run, as well as a fitness test once  a year. The grades 4, 5 and 6 students are exposed to the various components of fitness, and are encouraged to make physical fitness a part of their lives.

Our school participates in every inter-school athletic event the Winnipeg School Division offers. Again, our emphasis is on effort and participation, not skill, and therefore any student that wants to play on a school team is allowed to do so. Our only stipulation is that the students make every effort to attend practices, and must display good sportsmanship, co-operation, respect and fair play at all times. The inter-school activities we will be participating in during the 2017-2018 school year will be soccer, volleyball, speed skating, 1 fall cross-country running event, 3 indoor track meets in February and March, 1 division sponsored “fit Run’, and 2 school organized 2 kilometre fit runs and the Manitoba Marathon. We also have a year long intramural program for the grades 4, 5 and 6 students at lunch time. 


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