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Cool 2Be Kind

Cool 2Be Kind 2013-2014


Robertson School is in the second year of the “How Full is Your Bucket” initiative.  The entire school is involved in using kind words and actions as a way to promote respect and kindness.  To continue this important initiative we are focusing on doing good deeds for others and not expecting anything in return.


We have received a $500 grant to support this initiative. The books we have purchased for classrooms include “Bucket Filling from A to Z”, “Will You Fill My Bucket”, “Bullying 101, and “Ordinary Mary’s Extraordinary Deed”.  


 We will promote our initiative school wide with a Cool 2Be Kind Assembly and present a readers theatre presentation of “Bucket Filling from A to Z” with students providing examples of acts of kindness and then the idea of paying it forward.




Bully 101
As apart of Robertson's Cool 2Be Kind initiative the school ordered the book Bully 101, by Doretta Groenendyk for all grade 4-6 classrooms.
The book identifies the many ways bullying can take place and reminds us all that we have the choice to choose to be kind instead.
The students in grade 5 room 137 were inspired by the book and created their own Kindness Classroom using the universal anti-bullying symbol and words of kindness. The following is a sample of their hard work.


Kindness 137
Behaviour Objective: To create an environment where everyone understands that bullying behaviors are unacceptable, harmful, and preventable.

Book Cover: Students looked at the cover of the book, Bully 101 and made their own version of how “Kindness 137” would look like to them.  They made sure to include nice phrases and things related to bucket filling.

Class Activity – After reading the book Bully 101 we brainstormed a list of “caring” words.
We kept the third line “Kindness 137” to make our message stand out in a pattern format. Inspired by one of the pages in the book but instead of pictures, we used the no bully sign.

Follow Up discussion Activity  - Students took turns picking a stick out of a bag and sharing their ideas/knowledge on what they learned throughout the class reading, discussions, activities and real life situations.





Cool 2Be Kind 2012-2013 

The students of Robertson School are participating in an initiative, Cool 2Be Kind, which promotes kindness and respect towards one another.


Each classroom has received story books titled Have You Filled a Bucket Today? by Carol McCloud and David Messing and How Full is Your Bucket? For Kids, by Tom Rath, Mary Reckmeyer and Maurie J. Manning. These stories discuss how every person has an invisible bucket which can be filled with kind words or actions throughout the day. A persons bucket can also be emptied if something hurtful takes place and you are left feeling unhappy.

Based on these stories, students in each classroom have created their own bucket where positive comments are placed on a daily basis by their peers. Positive messages that promote respect and self-esteem are found in each bucket and have become an enjoyable and exciting part of every school day.

Robertson Buckets 3.jpg
Grade 4, Room 133 








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