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Once a cycle, students in grades one through six have a scheduled class in the computer lab with the technology teacher. During these periods the students will be introduced to various use of technology. The students will explore simple activities such as properly logging on and off (earlier grades) all the way to creating advanced presentations using a variety of Desktop Publishers (later grades). During these periods we will also look at the internet; how it functions, how we can properly make use of it and also safety on the internet.
All students will also be able to use the computer lab during project time as well as other available times during the year.
The computer lab at École Sacré-Coeur School contains 30 workstations networked to a server, a laser printer, an inkjet printer, and a scanner. The lab is connected to the internet through the Winnipeg School Division's firewall. 
The workstations in the lab are loaded with a variety of educational software geared to children in grades K to 8. There are applications for different areas of the curriculum such as Language Arts, Math, Social Studies and Science. We also have applications that can be used for multimedia presentations and for making projects ready to go on our website. In addition, many of the classrooms have computers loaded with much the same software as the lab. This allows for students to continue their work in the classroom. The Kindergarten/Nursery classes have computers with software specific for their age level as well.
All classrooms at École Sacré-Coeur School are equipped with document readers and a projector.  Some of our rooms also use Smart boards to enhance their lessons. In addition, teachers are able to use pods of cameras and/or video recorders to add to the students learning experience. We have recently added a pod of six I Pads to encourage students to develop their creativity while they are learning in the content areas.
Digital Citizenship
One aspect of our computer program will focus on Digital Citizenship which helps teachers, students and parents to understand what everybody should know about using technology appropriately.  Because we all use technology, we need to prepare ourselves for a technological society.  Too often we see students and adults misuse and abuse technology.  Digital citizenship tries to answer the question;
What is considered appropriate technology usage?
Digital citizenship is having the knowledge, skills and correct attitude to demonstrate responsible and appropriate behaviour when using technology or participating in digital environments.  This usually includes email etiquette, protecting your private information, staying safe while online, and knowing how to deal with online bullying.  Digital citizenship potentially begins when a person signs up for an email address.
Digital citizenship is about building safe spaces and communities. It’s about teachers, students and parents understanding how to manage their personal information and using your online presence to help shape and grow a digital world while being safe and responsible.

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