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Fitness Fact...

​​Each month during the school year, a new fact on fitness will be highlighted in this area.

Here are some fitness facts from PHE Canada about Canadian Schools and their Physical Education programs. Of note for ''Who is teaching Physical Education'', we at "École Sacré Coeur'' are quite fortunate as both our Physical Education teachers are graduates of Canadian University PE programs. Mme Queck from University of Manitoba, while M. Glaveen hails from McGill in Montréal.

Quantity of Physical Education

  • Only 57% of the Canadian cases identified meet provincial requirements for allotted time devoted to physical education (Hardman & Marshall, 2000)
  • Only 20% of Canadian parents indicated that their child received daily physical education. The majority of parents (41%) indicated their child received physical education one to two days per week while 10% of parents indicated that their child received no physical education at all (Craig et al., 2001).
  • At the secondary level, 20% of parents surveyed across Canada indicated that their adolescent child received no physical education at all and this percentage increases as students advance through secondary grades (Craig et al., 2001).
  • Once physical education becomes an optional subject, enrolment in physical education tends to decrease significantly with the decrease more noticeable for adolescent females than males (Cameron, Wolfe, & Craig, 2007; Craig & Cameron, 2004; Deacon, 2001; Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, 1996; Spence, Mandigo, Poon, & Mummary, 2001).

Who is TEACHING Physical Education?

  • Less than half (46 percent) of schools in Canada report having fully implemented policies to hire physical education specialists to teach physical education, 17 % reported partially implementing such policies and 37 percent report not implementing a policy to hire physical education specialists. Secondary and middle schools are more likely than elementary schools to report exclusive use of PE specialists than elementary schools (Cameron et al., 2007).
  • Only 39% of Canadian schools reported that those most often responsible for teaching physical education classes are specialists. Secondary schools are more likely to report exclusive use of physical education specialists than elementary schools (53% and 31% respectively) (Cameron, Craig, Coles, & Cragg, 2003).
  • Deacon (2001) reported that teachers cited lack of preparation and expertise as a major barrier for elementary generalists to achieve curriculum outcomes in physical education. Similar results have also been reported in Manitoba (Janzen, Halas, Dixon, DeCorby, Booke, & Wintrup, 2003) and New Brunswick (Tremblay et al., 1996).

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