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The intramural Dodgeball program is presently in full swing. Students from grades 4 through 8 are taking part in our leagues.

Schedules and rosters have been delivered to all classes, enabling the students to know when their games are. It is important for students to know this information in order to attend their scheduled games. Players not attending are hurting their team’s chances to win games. All players are also expected to be changed (in phys. Ed. gear) and on time.

Official Rules


  • There are 6 people playing per team during the game.
  • A match begins at 11h30 and ends at 11h55.
  • The number of balls for a 12 player game is six.
  • To begin a game players take a position behind their end line / rear wall. After a signal by the official, teams approach the centerline to retrieve the balls. 
  • Players then attempt to eliminate members of the opposing team by tagging them with the ball. If a player is hit with any ball that has not yet touched the floor, that player is "out". 
  • Play continues until one team is eliminated. At that point, the referee calls time and awards the winning team one point.
  • The balls are then reset on the centerline and play resumes when the whistle is blown.
  • When time runs out the team to win a majority of games wins the match.

Rules of play

  • Clothing is considered part of a player's body.
  • Any ball that touches the ceiling or wall is a dead ball.
  • If a defender catches a "live" thrown ball the thrower is out and one player then returns to the defenders side in order of first out, first in. 
  • If a defender attempts to catch a live ball, but drops it, the defender is out.
  • The defender may block a live ball with another ball. That ball is still a live ball however, until it hits the floor, wall or ceiling. 
  • If a blocking ball is dropped as a result of contact from a live ball, then the player who drops the ball is out.
  • A player may block a live ball, then throw the blocking ball down and catch a live ball. 
  • A player shall not leave the playing field to avoid being hit or in an attempt to catch a ball. 
  • Players who have been called out must go directly to their bench.
  • It is illegal to control a ball for more than 5 seconds. 
  • Headshots do not count as a hit.
  • A player hit in the head while ducking or dodging is out.
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct will result in immediate ejection from the game.


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