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The computer program integrates technology into the everyday life of the school, as well as it introduces staff and students to innovative technologies. The  computer program strives to increase the Information and Communication Technology (LwICT) literacy of  students and staff so that they are better able to  acquire, evaluate, organize, synthesize, create and communicate information.

The information age and technology are bringing student-learning activity to the Internet for more  educational purposes.  At times, students will be directed to specific sites; other times, they will find things by using a search engine. The World Book Encyclopedia - online is the ongoing reference site  available at school and at home with user ID and Password. Citation and reference of Internet resources is required in the projects and presentations.

Students are required to complete the “User of Internet Resources” form in which they agree to comply with the Sargent Park School ‘Code of Conduct’ and the WSD ‘Rules and Regulations’.  Teachers follow safe   Internet practices that promote Internet safety online and in the WSD web messaging.  The students are educated in following safe Internet practices at home when using the Internet for schoolwork and for pleasure.  Cyber tips and Safe Kids are some of the online resources available to assist users in safe practices and good ‘etiquette’ online. Through the Sargent Park newsletters, the web page, and current articles on safe Internet practices are published.  Unsafe practices will result in a termination of the user’s access to computer resources.

Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship is defined as "Norms of appropriate, responsible behavior with regard to technology use." Dr. Mike Ribble.  We should expect our students to be respectful and protective of themselves, their peers and others they interact with online.  Students should be mindful of the digital footprint they leave behind.  They are permanent reminders of our actions, inactions and interactions. - The Digital Citizen.   




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