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The Arts

Music - Grade 1-6
The goal of all music programs at Sargent Park School is to provide an opportunity for all students to develop skills in and an appreciation for music and the performing arts.
The music program offers choirs at each of the Grade 1 - 6 levels and a Junior High Concert Choir. The music program is optional for Grade 7 – 9 students. The Junior High students also have an opportunity to participate in a musical production every second year and there is a music trip group that goes on tour every other year.


Sargent Park is proud to offer Band programs to our Junior High Students.  Our key performances during the year are the Holiday Concert in December and the Edu-Fair Concert in May. 

Grade 7 Band is an introductory music course suitable for students with no experience playing a musical instrument.  Students will be loaned a flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone or tuba for the school year.  Percussion is assigned to a limited number of students already learning in the program.  Practice is expected.  There is an $8 Band fee and a $16 uniform shirt to purchase.

Grade 8 Band is usually where students get their first chance to represent our school as an ensemble.  We often participate in the Level 1 Band Festival and the Winnipeg School Division Band Blast in Grade 8.  Grade 8 students who are in choir as well as band may have the opportunity participate in a 5-day Band Trip with Grade 9 Band Students.

Grade 9 Band is a full-credit high school band course, including performance, music listening and history and some music theory and composition.  This class meets four times a cycle, and participates in the Optimist Band Festival.  They also provide music for our school's Remembrance Day ceremony.

The Jazz Band is a smaller, grade 9 ensemble worth one half credit.  Its aim is to expose students to different types of music to increase their literacy in jazz, blues, Latin, ballads, funk and pop performance styles.  Students have the opportunity to experiment with improvisation on their band instruments, and learn about jazz history and some of the bigger names in jazz music.

The Marching Band is active during the month of January and supports our athletics department with music and school spirit.

Choir - Junior High Concert 

This course is designed for students who love to sing! Music is a unique art form that offers experience in and opportunities for self-expression. The choir program will strive to provide musical opportunities through singing, studying, listening and creating music. It is the intent of this program to foster the musical independence of its students through these activities.  Performance opportunities include school concerts and local festivals.  The choir rehearses at lunch twice a cycle.
Choir - ACE Jazz
This is an auditioned vocal ensemble course. The focus of this course is vocal performance using a wide repertoire including jazz, pop, swing and traditional. Previous vocal experience is recommended but not necessary.  Students will participate in a variety of activities including vocal music listening, improvisation, singing as a group and developing vocal technique.  Performance opportunities include school concerts and local festivals.  ACE choir rehearses after school twice a cycle 

Drama - Grade 9

This course is an introduction to the fun and challenging craft of acting! Students will develop skills in improvisation, mime, story theatre, voice and musical theatre, scene development, and script work.  Participation is an essential element of the course.  Grade 9 students receive a half credit for this course. 


Music - Grade 8  This course is intended for students who have a love of music.  Students will explore various genres of music, study music through the decades and learn about the contributions of a variety of composers and musicians that have helped the evolution of music through the decades. Students will also continue developing their skills on the guitar. Learning will include guitar maintenance, tuning, playing technique and music literacy.  Guitars are available for use in the classroom.

Music - Grade 9  In this course, students will continue developing their skills on the guitar. Learning will include guitar maintenance, tuning, playing technique and expanding knowledge of music literacy. Guitars are available for use in the classroom.  This course will also study music of music around the world and the evolution of music throughout the decades.  We will also complete a unit of study on Canadian and artists.  Grade 9 students receive a full credit for this course.

Performing Arts - Grade 7 and 8

Students will be working through the 3 strands of performing arts: drama, singing and dancing.  Through exploration of all three strands, the students will develop skills in each area as well as learn how a musical is put together.  Study of behind the scenes jobs such as set design, props, costuming, will also be included in the course.  Participation is an essential element of the course.
Visual Arts
Art is considered essential to promote growth in a child’s personal and social development. Art contributes to an understanding of life and humanity across time and place. It tells children about themselves and their world. The art program is optional for Grade 7 – 9  students.



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