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As Manitoba’s largest culturally diverse dual track high school located in Winnipeg’s North End, Sisler, recognized as an innovator in technology education, utilizes cutting edge pedagogical delivery systems including inverted classrooms, distance education collaborating with industry experts from across the globe. Sisler, a proof of concept school, provides ubiquitous Wi-Fi, BYOD and HD videoconferencing across academic, cultural, social and digital divides. Sisler is an award winning school including 1st in CyberPatriot International Exhibition, Premiers Award of Innovation, Microsoft Innovative Pathfinder school, Adobe Educators Choice Award, with eight staff members winning the Prime Ministers Award for Teaching Excellence since 1996.

Inverted Classroom
Many of Sisler’s classes have transformed into a classroom where the traditional classroom is inverted.  Inverted classrooms change the role of the teacher from a lecturer to a guide as the students learn outside of class time and do “homework” in the classroom with the teachers help. See some blogs below for some examples of inverted lessons.

Students in ICT, MST, Industrial Arts, Science, Math, Human Ecology, French Immersion, and Business Ed are using Blogs to deliver and are also developing their own blogs to showcase the learning process.

Visit some of our Blogs:
Human Ecology -
French Immersion -
Science -

Our school store, Sisler Agora, works towards providing students with ethically produced products, including Fair Trade, Organic, Canadian Made and Sweatshop Free, and providing education on these options.

HD Video Conferencing
Sisler's Digital Voices course uses High Definition Video Conferencing. The main focus of this initiative is to provide a 21st century learning opportunity for students throughout the Province of Manitoba and the rest of the world. In addition, high definition video conferencing will be used for Sisler's SoapBox.ED educational speaker series.

With the SoapBox.ED series, we will hope to bridge the gaps between education and community provide an enriched interactive forum for students to gain real life experience, provide a student-led digital forum where they can develop a deeper knowledge of subject matter through communication and inquiry with professionals and remove the carbon footprint of travelling.


SoapBox.ED uses a variety of formats which include:

  • Sisler's debate club goes head to head with schools from around the world through video conferencing on a variety of topics and issues.
            Mock Virtual Trials

  • Students will learn about the judicial system as they experience mock trials and cases.
SoapBox.ED Speaker Series

  • The SoapBox.ED speaker series brings industry professionals to the classroom to share their expertise to our students.
SoapBox.ED Storyteller Series

  • The SoapBox.ED storyteller series brings storytellers from around the world to share their indigenous stories, traditions and culture to our students.
Live Surgeries

  • Through high definition video conferencing the operating room comes to Sisler High School.  Students are able to watch a live surgery and also interact with the medical team during the surgery.

Learning Management Systems
Several courses within Sisler’s Microcomputer System Technology program are designed on an open source course management system called Moodle. Students utilize Moodle every day for lessons, assignments, assessments, discussions, activities, and resources. Offering a learning management system such as Moodle provides student’s access to a virtual learning environment. Moodle’s classroom gives students the freedom to learn and work outside the regular classroom with the ability to access course content from home, another province, or even internationally. Students have around the clock access and can break free from the traditional classroom environment. Moodle’s interactive courses allow teachers the ability to create rich and dynamic online lessons which is a model for the 21st century classroom.

Mobile Devices in the Classroom
Sisler's ICT, MST, Science, French Immersion, Human Ecology, Social Studies and Math departments are providing mobile devices to enrich student learning.

One to One Computing
Sisler has numerous PCs and mobile devices to lend to students. Many of our teachers have an open door policy allowing access to hardware at lunch.

Sisler is removing the Digital Divide by providing ubiquitous connectivity.

Students and Educators are collaborating with students throughout the world using file sharing, video conferencing, messaging, screen sharing, social media, and emerging educational technology tools.

Augmented Reality
Students in Sisler's AWAR4S program are no longer just learning through reading and listening, but are also learning through creating and interacting with Augmented Reality and mobile devices.

Project-Based Learning
Project-based learning is a dynamic approach to teaching in which students explore real-world problems and challenges. With this type of active and engaged learning, Sisler students are inspired to obtain a deeper knowledge of the subjects they're studying.

Social Media/Online Video Portals
Sisler has embraced social media and educational social media sites to provide information and communicate to students. Some social media sites that Sisler uses are: Behance, Etsy, Pinterest and
Twitter. In addition Sisler has Vimeo and YouTube channels to show online lessons and student work and presentations.

Twitter: @Soapbox_ed         @DigitalVoices1





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