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Course Numbering


Example: Biology 30S  =  BIOR 3S

1st digit                 3 =   stands for 3rd year of high school  (S3 or grade 11)
2nd digit                0 =  developed by Manitoba Education & Training for 1 credit
or       5 =   developed by Manitoba Education & Training for 1/2 credit
or       1 =   developed by schools or divisions and approved by Manitoba Education
or       2 =   developed elsewhere and approved by Manitoba Education
3rd character        G =General   S =Specialized  M =Modified   E =ESL   F =Foundation
Universities and Community Colleges specify some specific S courses
Please Note:

  1. Students cannot receive credit for “S” and “G” courses in the same subject at the same grade level (e.g. History 30G and History 30S). The only exception is Mathematics.
  2. Unless a sufficient number of students apply for a course, it will not be offered.
  3. An asterisk (*) on the application indicates a prerequisite or corequisite is required. A prerequisite is a specific course which must be successfully completed for a student to enroll in a particular course.  A corequisite is a specific course which must be taken either prior to or along with a particular course.
  4. The Universities of Winnipeg and Manitoba each have specific entrance requirements.  These requirement sheets are in the appendix and are posted in the guidance office.  Besides entrance requirements there are other courses which will give students a greater chance of success after graduation. To become aware of other courses, students and parents should avail themselves of the counselling services in the guidance office. Where career plans are not definite, students should select courses that will provide the broadest span of entrance requirements.
  5. Red River College requires a high school diploma for most of its programs.  Many technology programs require Pre-calculus or Applied Math 40S.  Each program has its own entrance requirements.  Students should check in the Guidance Office for details.




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