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Curricular Departments


Advanced Studies Program (See below) Industrial Arts (Applied Technology)
Business and Information Technology Departments
- Business and Marketing Department
- Microcomputer Systems Technology Program
- ICT Program
English as an Additional Language (EAL) French Immersion Program
Human Ecology Languages
Mathematics & Computer Sciences Physcial Education
Pre-Employment Department Science
Social Sciences Visual and Performing Arts (V.P.A.)



Advanced Studies
The Advanced Studies program is designed for students who wish to pursue challenging accelerated courses in a variety of subject areas. Students may choose one or more courses in Advanced Studies. In Grade 9 students follow a prescribed curriculum as a group. Students may receive 1st year university standing during their Grade 12 year by writing the university exams in Mathematics and English and the Advanced Placement exam in Chemistry. Students who are not in advanced studies initially may enter the program later but should see a councellor to identify the course required.
Grade 9 Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12
Chemistry Semester 1
Science Enriched 10F
Semester 2
Science Enriched 20F
Science 10F (SCIR1F)
Science 20F
(if not taken previously)
Chemistry Enriched 30S (CHEE3S) Semester 1
Chemistry Enriched 4S
Semester 2
Chemistry Ad. Placement (CHEP4S)
Advanced Placement exam elective
English English Enriched 10F
English Enriched 20F
Semester 1
English Enriched 30S
Semester 2
English Enriched 40S
Semester 1 & 2
English Enriched 40S (ENLE4S)
with credit for University of Winnipeg English 1A
Mathematics Semester 1
Math Enriched 10F (MATE1F)
Semester 2
Math Enriched (Pre-Calculus) 20S (PCME2S)
Semester 1
Math Enriched
(Pre-Cal) 30S (PCME3S)
Semester 2
Math Enriched
(Pre-Cal) 40S (PCME4S)
Calculus (Enr.) 31G (MTAY3G) Semester 1
Calculus Enriched 41G (MTAY4G)
Semester 2
Calculus Enriched 41G (ADME/CALE4S) = UofM Calculus courses
Mathematics &
Computer Science
Math 10F (MATR1F) Computer Science 20S (COSR2S)
Semester 1
Math (Pre-Calculus) 20S (PCMR2S)
Semester 2
Math (Pre-Cal) 30S (PCMR3S)
Computer Science 30S
Semester 1
Math 40S (PCMR4S)
Semester 2
Calculus (MTAY3G)
Computer Science 40S (COSR4S)
Semester 1
Calculus Enriched 41G (MATY4G)
Semester 2
Calculus Enriched 41G (ADME/CALE4S) = U of M Calculus courses
Physics Semester 1
Science 10F (SCIE1F)
Semester 2
Science 20F (SCIE2F)
Semester 1
(if not taken previously)
Science 20F
Semester 2
Physics 30S Enriched (PHYE3S) or Physics 30S
Semester 1
Physics 40S Enriched (PHYE4S) or Physics 40S




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