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Option Courses


Grade 10 – Grade 12 Elective Courses for 2013 – 2014
Course Name Grade(s) Course Code Course Name Grade(s) Course Code
Accounting Principles 30S*/40S* ACPR3S/4S Jazz Band 20G*/30S*40S* JABR2G/3S/4S
Advanced Operating Sys. 40S AOSR4S Jazz/Show Choir 20G*/30S*/40S* JACR2G/3S/4S
American History 20G HISR2G Law 40S LAWR4S
Animation/Modeling 25S/25S ANHR3S/MOHR3S Management 40S MANR4S
Application Software 30S APSR3S Mathematics Adv. Enr/Calc Enr 31G MTAY3G
Art 20G/30G*40G*40S* ARTR2G/3G/4G/4S Mathematics Adv/Calc 42S ADMR4S/CALR4S
Art Dramatique 20G ARDF2G Mathematics Calc (Univ Opt) 41G MTAY4G
Band 20G*/30S*40S* BANR2G/3S/4S Mathematics Calc (Univ Opt) 42G ADME4S/CALE4S
Biology 30S*/40S* BIOR3S/4S Metalwork Technology 20G/30G METR2G/3G
Broadcast/Interactive Media 35S/35S BMHR3S/IMHR3S Networking Technology 4S NETR4S
Chemistry 30S*/40S* CHER3S/4S Operating Systems 1 3S OPSR3S
Chemistry Enriched 30S*/40S* CHEE3S/4S Physics 30S*/40S* PHYS3S/4S
Chemistry AP 42S* CHEP4S Physics Enriched 30S*/40S* PHYE3S/4S
Choral Music 20G/30S/40S CHOR2G/3S/4S Plan Directeur 42S BFLF4S
Cloth/House/Design 20G/30G/40S CHDR2G/3G/4S Power Mechanics Tech. 20G/30G*/40S* POMR2G/3G/4S
Communication Mediatique 40S COMF4S Power Mechanics Tech. (all girls) 20G POMX2G
Computer Science 20S/30S*/40S* COSR2S/3S/4S Print Communications / Desktop Publishing 25S/25S PCHR2S/DPHR3S
Retailing 20S RETR2S
Digital Photo/Digital Film 25S/25S DPHR2S/DFHR2S Robotics 21G/40S* ROTR2G/4S
Drafting Design Technology 20G/30G*/40S* DRAR2G/3G/4S School Store Oper./Promotions 30S PROR3S
Dramatic Arts 20G/30S*/40S* DMAR2G/3S/4S Science 30S SCIR3S
Economcis 40S ECOR4S Sciences Humaines 40S* SCHF4S
Electronics 20G/30G*/40S* ELER2G/3G/4S Special Language Credits (4 credits maximum)
Engineering & Design Tec3D 40S APTR4S Trouble Shooting Personal Computers 40S TPCR4S
English Lang. & Lit. Forms 40S* ENLS4S Visions & Ventures 30S VIVR3S
English Lang. & Trans Focus 40S* ENTS4S Web Authoring – Intermediate 40S IWAR4S
Exploring Industry Hardware 2S EIHR2S Web Authoring – Advanced 40S AWAR4S
Family Studies 20F/30S/40S FASR2F/3S/4S Women in Construction Tech. 21G/31G WOOX2G/3G
Food & Nutrition 20G/30G/40S FONR2G/3G/4S Women in Construction Tech. 40S WOOX4S
Francais 20F*/30S*/40S* FRAF2F/3S/4S Woodwork Technology 20G/30G*/40S* WOOR2G/3G/4S
Graphic Communication Tech. 20G/30G*/40S* GRAR2G/3G/4S World Geography 40S GEOR4S
World Issues 40S* WOIR4S
SCHOOL INITIATED COURSES (Students may only use 11 SIC’s as part of the 30 credits required to graduate.)


Biomedics 41G BIMY4G English EAL Beginner 21/31/41G ENBU2G/3G/4G
Calculus Univ. Elective I 31G MTAY3G Jazz/Show Choir 20G/30/40S JACY 2G/3G/4G
Calculus Univ. Elective II 41G MTAY4G Mathematics EAL 21G MATY2G
Chamber Choir 21G/31G*/41G* CHEY2G/3G/4G Musical Theatre 21/31/41G* THEY2G/3G/4G
Computer Programming 21G COPY2G Outdoor Education 11/21/31/G* OEHY1G/2G/3G
Dance 21/31/41G* DNCY2G/3G/4G Psychology 41G PSYY4G
Sociology 31G SOCY3G
* = indicates a prerequisite or corequisite is required – see course write-up for further information


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