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Hands Across Nations

As Canadians, we may not always realize how lucky we are. Most of us went to work or school this morning without a second thought about our safety. Most of us never worried for a second that we would not have enough to eat. We will all eat three full meals today, listen to our Ipods,text our friends and go to the mall, restaurant or movies after school without a second thought.  It is amazing how we take so much of this for granted.  Many people who are just like us, have never had the opportunity to enjoy some of  these luxuries.   For them their day starts off very differently than ours. They wake up with an empty stomach and worry about many things.  Will I have enough to eat today?  Will I be safe? Will I find enough energy to get through the day?  These very same people do not have the opportunities you have. They do not get to go to school, to learn about the world and how things could be. They do not get to learn to read and write.  They never have the opportunity to hope for a better future. Over 900 Million people on our planet live like this every day. Compared to us, they have very little to celebrate. We feel that this imbalance of wealth is unfair and want to begin improving the lives of those who have less than us. We feel that as a school with many resources we can and want to make a difference in the lives of fellow students.  Please join us in our mission.

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