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Important Information for Parents/Guardians


June Report Cardsreport card.jpeg.jpg

Report Cards will be sent home on Thursday, June 27th at 3:30 pm.

Please check the report card envelope for your child's room assignment for next year as well as the list of school supplies they will need when classes start in September.

If your child(ren) will not be returning to ÉSKS in September, please call the school 204- 694-0483 and let us know.

School will re-open for students in Grade 1 - 8 on Wednesday, September 4, 2019.
Have a safe and restful summer! 

Student Bus TransportationBus Safety.jpg

Now that the weather is warmer and students are active outside, we would like to remind you that if your child takes the school bus, there are restrictions for safety reasons as to how to transport items such as balls, skateboards, push scooters, wheeled toys, displays and projects as well as musical instruments.

The WSD Transportation Department requires that all loose carry on items, including those listed above, that could represent a hazard to proper bus evacuation, only be admitted on the bus if they are in a proper carry case to reduce the hazard.  This case can be a backpack or gym bag for some items, and approved cases for musical items and sports gear.  

Items that are able to easily move about in a bus accident can cause trips, slips and barriers to proper evacuation.  Carry on items must be small enough to be held on the lap or safely secured by the driver without blocking the bus walkway.

Students with unsecured items may be refused transportation until the item is properly cased.

Winnipeg Transit.jpg

Important Message From Winnipeg Transit

Students using Winnipeg City Transit MUST produce their Student ID card along with their Peggo Card on all city buses. 

Safe Arrival.jpg


We have switched to an automated Call Back system called SafeArrival.  By now, you have likely used it, or have had contact from the system regarding your child's absences. 

Here's a summary of how it works:

  • Rather than phoning the school office, parents/guardians should notify the SafeArrival system of their child's absence in one of three ways:

* By calling an automated interactive telephone system via a toll free number

ia website

* Or by using the
SafeArrival app on your iOS or Android device 

  • After classroom attendance is taken at 9:00 am, the SafeArrival system will begin contacting the parents/guardians (by automated telephone call and/or email) of any student who is marked absent who has not already been reported absent by their parents/guardians. 

  • If the SafeArrival system is unable to reach parents/guardians or designated contacts after 20 minutes, the school office staff will follow up with a phone call.  

  • The SafeArrival system uses the contact information of parents/guardians that has been provided to the school.  If you have changed your telephone number or email address recently, or are not receiving notification calls, please follow up with the school office to ensure that we have the most current information on file. 

safe arrival phone number.jpg

 School Connects.jpg

Available on the App Store.jpg


Transportation Changes for 2018-2019

Please be aware that chagnes have been made to Transportation Policies.  

Click here  for all the details.  

​​Permission Click.png


École Stanley Knowles School is committed to continually improving processes and making it easier for you as a parent/guardian to stay connected and up to date.  We are pleased to announce that a new tool called 'Permission Click' will be used moving forward to collect your approval for events digitally!  You will be able to provide consent, fill out forms, and make payments via Permission Click on almost any device, anytime.  There are no apps to download.

When your child has an upcoming event or a form for you to complete, our school will send you an email with a link/URL that can be opened on your computer, tablet, or mobile phone.  Review the event details, answer any questions, pay associated fees (if applicable), and you're done!  Following approval, you will receive a confirmation email, along with a copy/receipt for your records.

One of the advantages of accessing information online is the ability to use the
Google Translate service to translate the information into one of 64 different languages.  This is extremely helpful for those families whose first language may not be English. 

École Stanley Knowles will continue to make a paper copy of Field Trip letters, School Supply lists etc. available to those families who may not have access to the internet at home or who choose not to use
Permission Click.  Families may give permission online but send the cash/cheque payment to the school with their child. 

There are several field trips planned for June, so you can expect to start seeing emails from École Stanley Knowles School in the very near future with a link to event information. 

If you haven't
already done so, please complete the form that was sent home with your child(ren) last week asking you for your updated email address.  This will ensure that you don't miss a thing! 

Click here​ for a copy of the form that was sent home

​Emergency School Closing

In the event of an emergency school closing, our first concern is the safety of our students.  The decision to close the school is made by the Chief Superintendent and media outlets will be contacted to ask that they broadcast and/or post school cancellation information. 

Parents and guardians should instruct their children where they are to go in the case of an emergency closure.  (Either home if a parent/guardian is available or to an alternate address the parents have arranged.)  Children need to be reminded of this procedure regularly.

In case our school needs to be evacuated on short notice, an alternate shelter is required.  Tyndall Park School will serve as our alternate shelter.  The school is located at 2221 King Edward Street and their phone number is 204 633-0065.

​It is our sincere hope that a threatening emergency will never occur.  However, instructing your children as to your expectations will assist in ensuring their health and safety under emergency conditions. 


Safety Reminders 

​​Patrols and Adult Crossing Guard

Adult Crossing Guards and/or student Patrols are on duty at the following times:
Morning:                                                        Afternoon: 
     8:45 am – 9:00 am                                       12:30 pm – 12:45 pm
     11:45 am – 12:00 noon                               3:30 pm – 3:45 pm
It is extremely important that children who cross busy streets to get to
school do so at specified corners where the adult crossing guards 
and/or patrols are on duty.
In order to protect the safety and welfare of the children, we emphasize the following:
  • ​​​Please arrange for your children to arrive at school during the times that there are patrols/crossing guards and teachers/EAs on duty.
  • We ask that parents/guardians who walk and pick up their children from school, use the crosswalks at the intersections, and not cross where there are no crosswalks.  Modelling safe crossing will teach the children pedestrian safety.

Traffic and Parking

raffic around École Stanley Knowles School is extremely heavy especially before and after school.  Please slow down and be extra cautious and encourage your children to walk to and from school whenever possible. 

If you must drop off or pick your children up from school, please drop them off 2 blocks away from school to avoid the traffic congestion and to ensure their safe arrival to school.

Please remember that the bus loop in front of the school, as well as the staff parking lot, should
NOT be used to drop off or pick up students at any time. 

Even if you are only going to stop for a minute, you may be preventing a school bus from safely entering or leaving the bus loop or you may be preventing a staff member from parking their vehicle and getting to work on time.

Any vehicles that are parked in the bus loop or the staff parking lot (even for minute) are subject to be ticketed and towed at the owner’s expense.

We also ask that you be respectful to the tenants who live at the Tyndall Green Apartments on the corner of Kinver and King Edward and do not use their parking lot to drop off or pick up your children, as this interferes with the Tenants ability to enter
or exit their lot. 

 Traffic and Parking.jpg








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