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Inspired Educators

Strathcona educators share their skills and interests with students, resulting in enthusiasm for learning! Educators undertake professional development opportunities, which ensure their own personal growth as educators and encourage the use of best practices in all classroom endeavours.


Ms. Anastasia Sych-Yereniuk is Strathcona's fearless leader who is full of ideas,, creativity and imagination. Her passion for the ARTS is at the forefront of every decision made  inspiring  students and staff on a daily basis.  She is a visionary leader who acknowledges, recognizes and uses the many strengths and gifts of her students and staff. She works tirelessly to afford all children and staff opportunities to grow and experience joy, while reaching their potential. In the eyes of Ms. Yereniuk, anything is possible!!  Ms. Yereniuk's influence spans generations, as her former students are now parents and grandparents, and have chosen to stay in the community and send their children and grandchildren to Strathcona School.  Ms. Yereniuk continues to leave a lasting legacy at Strathcona School of strong, capable people who have utilize the power of the Arts as a proven strategy to advance the academic life and learning of all children and staff.


Mr. Lloyd Rana recently joined our staff as Vice-Principal at Strathcona School. With an increasing population, a Full Day Kindergarten class and a contingent of children of very special students, he truly is a gift from the Winnipeg School Division. Mr. Rana greets everyone everyday equipped with a big smile, bountiful energy and a heart of gold. Happily teaching Physical Education, going to camp or playing outdoor games with the children. Mr. Rana has quickly established himself as a kind and fair administrator.


Ms. Jamie Friesen's Nusery and Kindergarten students explore art as inquiry, and inquiry as art.  Students document their learning in idea books, where they use the many languages of drawing, sculpture, writing, digital media and painting to share their ideas.  Students are invited to ask meaningful questions as new provocations are set up to stimulate their curiosities to explore and make meaning.  They also conduct a most successful Rhyme Time program, inviting parents, grandparents, caregivers and siblings for a weekly session to develop a love of language and a foundation for learning for our little ones.  The program is most successful in that it encouraged familial ties and relationships in a safe, inclusive and trusted public space – Strathcona School.


Mrs. Anne McMurdo has the distinction of being the only teacher who has consistently taught Nursery/Kindergarten for her 16 year tenure at Strathcona School. Currently it is her second year teaching Full Time Kindergarten. She brings to her role a rich professional know-how, a dedication to and compassion for young children, She demonstrates  a spirit of adventure and  curiosity as she creates the very best and easiest Play to Learn activities for her Kindergarten children. She  graciously invites children to take big risks, shares amazing anecdotes with her colleagues and adds very special humour to her work with children and adults


Grade 1 teacher Ms. Erin Hammond is most excited with the potential of the children in her classroom.  She cons istently utilizes drama and theatre imagery, coupled with restorative practices, while carefully balancing process and product.  She is thrilled to see how honest and caring each child is.  Her programming includes choice of words, thoughts and ideas demonstrated kinesthetically and physically while cultivating the knowledge and charm inherent in primary numeracy and literacy.


Ms. Jenna Kennedy embraces dance as a powerful tool for learning numeracy and literacy in her Grade 1 classroom.  She consistently utilizes the power of the arts to ensure that children's understanding is represented in ways that are important to them.  Experiences in her class are filled with amazing, engaging learning opportunities in literacy and numeracy.  Her classroom is equipped with a very special and cozy reading corner that promises life-long literacy for all.


Children in Mrs. Anna Robertson's Grade 2 class are afforded with a multitude of ways to enhance learning and the pleasure of being in school.  High quality math supplies and exceptionally special art supplies and instruments are available in every corner of the classroom.  Frequent discovery time excites students as they choose from an abundance of rich learning opportunities that allow for special and memorable learning moments every day at school.


Ms. Silvana Lao's Grade 2 classroom's daily aerobic movement practice energizes children and makes them ready to explore their learning in a positive, powerful manner with emphasis on the goodness of each and every child.  Their potential is consistently demonstrated through the amazing artwork, writing and numeracy experiences that her children are engaged in every moment of every day.


Ms. Camille Knight brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her Grade 3 class. Her energy  for teaching, her passion for learning and her strong commitment to the wellbeing of her students is evident in the way that she engages the students in a positive learning environment.  Ms.Knight's students are encouraged to be curious and creative through multidimensional and holistic learning experiences.


Ms. Julia Jestadt brings a very strong technology background to her Grade 3 classroom.  Her technology background serves as a powerful and meaningful tool for children to immerse themselves in inquiry and research and then demonstrate their learning in a multi-modal fashion.  Her calm, gentle manner allows all children to get what they need.  The infusion of Education for Sustainable Development is at the forefront of all learning experiences.


Grade 4 teacher Mrs. Kim Angus' teaching is marked with poise, confidence and efficiency. She brings a wisdom beyond her years to know what supports she requires, asks for them graciously and then uses her learning to create an enriched, tranquil and nurturing classroom for her fourth graders. Her music background, love of nature and inquiry-based approach regularly guide classroom instruction. Mrs. Angus' patient disposition, creativity and ability to inspire all children affords them with learning experiences and opportunities to find their gifts and stimulate their curiosities.


Mrs. Elaine Mayham's Grade 4 classroom (presently taught by Ms. Sarah Luhowy) is filled with opportunities to match every child in her classroom.  Her deep understanding of culture competency and the importance of taking care of the environment directs teaching and learning in the classroom.  Her sense of humour and patience with all children affords them with  a peaceful, meaningful learning environment.


Ms. Kayleigh Hodgson brings a rich professional know-how, a dedication to and compassion for young children. She is an easy going educator who embraces each and every experience afforded her including her weekly commitment to the Jets Academy on ice. Her professional life is marked by beauty, kindness and a strong belief of what she believes is right for children. She has embarked on some pioneer math work fulfilling it with time, accuracy and a genuine "Spirit of Math".


Ms. Nicole Sliworsky teaches the leaders of Strathcona School – Grade 5/6. Ms. Sliworsky is an energetic teacher with a background in dance and sports. She is a most caring and compassionate teacher who makes great connections with her students.  She exhibits the amazing trait of implementing what's right for children. Through acceptance and kindness,  she excels in motivating  children but still  effectively sets high expectations and  boundaries for all


Mr. Peter Grozdanovic and Mr. Rob Hewitt are skilled Special Education teachers. They excel  in restorative practice, behavior management and the love of inquiry based learning and science education in their respective classrooms.  Exceptional materials and grounded research directs inquiry and hands-on experiences in every subject area of their classrooms. They are both committed to mainstreaming and inclusion of special youngsters in the full life of a school community. Their strong belief in equity and integration is  key to their behaviour management.  It is demonstrated through their innate ability to approach every learning experience by transforming judgment into curiosity. They both fully integrate themselves into the life of Strathcona Coimmunity and lead the climate committee equipped adults and children alike with positive behaviour integration strategies.


Mrs. Wendy Ledger leads the most beautiful space at Strathcona School. The Art Studio is where all the magic begins. Ms. Ledger, an amazing Visual Arts specialist believes that through inquiry experiences, art teaches students to say what cannot be said in any other manner.  In collaboration with classroom teachers, students are invited to problem solve to meet curricular objectives while celebrating their individual expression and creativity. With tremendous patience, wit and encouragement, children are consistently inspired through her strong belief that every child is an artist and the ultimate goal that their creativity will thrive.  


Mrs. Donna Greaves, Strathcona's Music Specialist, uses Smart Board technology in her classes to reinforce concepts studied and to enhance children's learning through the manipulation of engaging, interactive activities.  The goal of Mrs. Greaves' music program is to nurture and inspire students to become music makers.  One way she does this is through the Manitoba Conservatory of Music and Arts Outreach program with a professional violin instructor.  Ms. Greaves uses a variety of instruments in the music program, such as xylophones, conga drums and recorders.   Ms. Greaves also holds extra curricular clubs, such as choir.


Mr. Dave Stewart's Physical Education classes are highly structured and full of excitement and engaging activity.  Inquiry, dance and movement, music, performing arts, skill enhancement, nutrition and wellness, cooperative learning and team building are but a few vehicles of learning utilized to address every child's learning level and potential. Mr. Stewart enables all of Strathcona School children to feel comfortable in the sports arena, but more importantly he teaches our children about good health, collegiality and compassion.


Mr. George Pearce, our Literacy/Numeracy Support Teacher, is not only tech savvy but is also a great athlete! With a Physical Education background and many coaching experiences he brings a skill set from his involvement with the North End Hockey Program to the Jets Academy programme  at Strathcona School.  His energetic personality, enthusiastic disposition, and caring nature is consistently  reflected in his teaching and interactions with his students in his role as Literacy/Numeracy support. He graciously invites children to take big risks and be the best they can.


Mrs. Lori Harder-Chochinov, the SERT/ Resource Support Teacher is encouraged by all Nursery/Kindergarten and Grades 4/5/6 students. Her philosophy is that all children have gifts to share and come to school every day full of curiosity and wonder. Ms. Harder's  expertise, dedication, patience, warmth and unconditional love for all at Strathcona School affords children with opportunities that go beyond the school walls.  Mrs. Harder's relentless work with restorative practice and inclusion allows children to take responsibility for their actions and move forward in their learning.


Our Grade 1/2/3 SERT Resource Support Teacher, Mrs. Janice Caplan, supports the students of Strathcona everyday working hard to make sure that every student feels special and important. Ms. Caplan uses restorative practices to ensure that students' voices are heard and acknowledged.


Ms. Tavia Nelson is our Reading Recovery and Literacy Support Teacher. She can teach you as much about reading and writing when she works with her grade children as when she facilitates literacy intervention sessions with the teachers she supports. She brings equity and social justice to her work as well as a genuine appreciation for all children at Strathcona School.


Ms. Kim Adair-Gagnon is new but not really "new" to the Strathcona School community of learners. In her role as the leveled literacy intervention teacher, Ms. Adair presents a BOOST to the Grade 2 Aboriginal students  affording them with additional support in the area of literacy. Ms. Adair in her LLI position supports classroom teachers in developing literacy programs, encourages and leads PLC conversations, and builds strong relationships with the School Resource Team.  She not only takes care of children's academic growth but also tends to their emotional well being.

We share our Literacy Support Teacher, Ms. Jillian Burdey with 2 other schools but are most fortunate to enjoy her presence two days a cycle. Ms. Burdey supports teachers and children and facilitates countless learning opportunities for all. Her approach to inquiry based teaching is exciting for educators and students alike. She begins her inquiry with genuine student questions and leads them in unpredictable directions.  Serendipitous discoveries and further investigations are almost always the result! Strathcona educators so much appreciate and recognize that when students are engaged, learning comes alive.  They further recognize that their own inspiration and ability to foster student interests are critical to positive school experiences for students.  


Ms. Diane Kusko is the N/K literacy support teacher who also teaches Full Time Kindergarten Physical Education and creative movement. She not only takes care of children's academic growth but also tends to their emotion well being with patience, integrity and compassion. Ms. Kusko is always willing to help out and teach classes when others are required elsewhere. Her dance background and love of the Arts assists her with magical teaching that  engages all children especially the wee little ones!


Mrs. Vanessa Harriott Strathcona School's illustrious Literacy and Innovative Communication Technology teacher wears many hats in our school, all of them with style, brilliance and dedication. She spearheads  our growth in technology and gives incredible support to all children and staff. She is always willing to accept new challenges and approaches them with thoughtful ideas and approaches that are authentic and everlasting. Her ability to think through problems and offer an array of solutions is very much appreciated.

Inquiry based teaching is exciting for educators and students alike. Inquiry begins with genuine student questions and leads in unpredictable directions.  Serendipitous discoveries and further investigations are almost always the result! Strathcona educators recognize that when students are engaged, learning comes alive.  They further recognize that their own inspiration and ability to foster student interests are critical to positive school experiences for students.



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