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Fine Art

​Art is offered at Grades 9, 10, 11 and 12. The Art program follows the new Manitoba Framework for the Visual Arts and recognizes each student as a young, developing artist. Art includes creative and original art making activities in drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, textiles, design, and crafts. Technical knowledge in the visual arts, including the elements and principles of design, facility with visual arts media, tools and processes; and skills in observation and depiction are emphasized. Opportunities for creative


problem solving allow for personalized and meaningful art learning, which integrates ideas, techniques and self-reflection. Cross-curricular connections and thematic studies deepen student learning. Awareness and appreciation of the diverse cultural and historical contexts of art, helps student learn about the purposes and roles of art in society. Students will build knowledge in art


history and appreciation and acquire an arts vocabulary. Collaborative projects; field trips to galleries and museums; and guest artists and speakers will help students understand the role of arts from an economic, and community perspective. Art provides a foundation for future, post-secondary studies in the Fine Arts, Communications, Graphic Design, Digital Arts, Fashion Design, Architecture, Education, Arts Administration and Urban Planning.


Grade 9 Art

(ARHR 1G) No prior experience is required for Grade 9 Art. Students will learn fundamentals of many art media, such as drawing, painting, sculpture, textiles and crafts. They will develop their understanding of the elements and principles of design and the purposes and meanings of the visual arts in the lives of individuals. They will develop fluency in interpreting and viewing
various art forms. 1/2 Credit

Grade 10 Art

(ARTR2G) No prior experience is required for Grade 10 Art. Students learn to express ideas through the production of art in various media. Many projects focus on self identity and developing students’ understanding of their place in the wider community. Ecologically sound art strategies are explored. Effective
design, art appreciation and sketching and drawing are on-going activities.
1 Credit

Grade 11 Art

(ARTR3S) Prior art experience is recommended. Students will develop increasing fluency in the elements and principles of design and develop higher level skills in painting, drawing, sculpture, and other media. Visual arts research, and meaningful art engagement through viewing, interpreting and representing are emphasized as are cross-curricular connections in graphic design, photography, English Language Arts, Aboriginal and multi-cultural
perspectives. Sketch book and studio projects include opportunities for student choice. 1 Credit

​Grade 12 Art

(ARTR4S) Prior art experience is a pre-requisite. It is recommended that students take Grade 11 Art. Students will continue to explore all media and will develop greater technical facility, creativity, originality and skill in the learning outcomes of the Manitoba Framework. The course includes increasingly challenging and technical projects with time for the development of an arts portfolio for applying to post secondary studies in the visual arts. 1 Credit

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